Advice wanted

  • I've got the nice option to pick up a AZ3 (1.6) for less cash then I paid for my Eunos and in almost mint condition

    The Eunos has issues, Fooked front shocks with snapped spring, Cack paint job, shot breaks and most important a bent chasis (slight)

    Repair bill for the Eunos i've quickly done is going to be around £1000+ with labor yet for less then half of that, I can get the AZ3 and drop the 1.8 from the Eunos into it (Can't afford the KLZE yet) + have the shell of the Eunos for parts and breakage//scrapage.

    I'm tempted to buy the AZ3 (even if it is a CAT-c and passed the VIC test) but it's my first car and it would be like loosing a 19year old family dog.

    What would you guys do?

  • The AZ3 has a 1.5 engine and not a 1.6 and I am guessing it would be a bit of work to chuck a 1.8 V6 into it when you could just buy a 1.8 V6 without the work and insurance headache and use the eunos for spares or sell it as a repairs, also I have noticed the AZ-3 is pretty much worthless on ebay as no-one knows them

  • Found that one, I did a HPI on the Az3 and it's a 1.5:( muppet is selling it as the UK mx3 1.6I

    I like the 1.8 but I dislike the dash of the UK spec ones, but love the import one (fookng odd I know lol)

    Spose I could swap the dash over from teh Eunos, but then I like the idea of havin a Eunos and Az3 on the drive lol.

    it would give me another chasis to fix up for the KLZe as well.

    Fook it, I'll buy the Az3 (well view it tomorrow so if i like i'll buy it)

  • It is essentially a budget mazda, mazda created autozam a bit like tesco's created value brands, they specialised in small cars for low budgets and just used the mx3 shell as one of them, it is a mazda owned brand but most autozams were made by suzuki and the 1.5 engine creates 79hp they have no alloys included normally and the 1.5 is the B6 engine they used in the 121 and the early Mk1 323's and the other shite cars they produced back then

    Go for it but try not to be too disappointed, I can only guess the lack of HP will make it feel like a maclaren F1 powered by a g-wizz engineLOL

  • A no frills mx3…. sod that then.

    Thanks for the info :)

    Shame, the shell and body work are near mint.

  • No frills would be a bit harsh, the early Jap 1.5's have 120bhp while the later ones have 115. Not bad going for an N/A 1.5 in standard tune.

    Heres some specs:

    I'd say go for it! Good enough power, uses mostly the same parts as the 1.6's and for 500 quid if it's clean it's a bargain!


    Is that a big dent? :shock:

    Although the spinner Hubcaps and "Sport" sticker on the back would leave me fairly dubious about the care the previous owner took of the car.

  • Would be easy to get that dent out I think (I had one similar on my civic, just took the interior panels out and whacked it from the inside).

    Spinner wheel trims FTW! :lol:

  • My geography teacher had a tie in the same material as those seats

  • No it's the reflection of the building :)


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