A little help needed…

  • Hi all i need a little help / favor.. I have my eye on another mx3 but its in bolton and i cant get there to collect it i was wondering if by chance if i was to get it if some kind person up that way would collect it and store it … i am looking to get it for parts for wes and thats it all the rest can be sold off and whats left weighed in..i of course would be looking to pay the kind person from the parts sold or they can have there pick

    Are you someone that could be/would be person and help theres money to be made here if your intrested in a little extra...we can work a deal...


  • Bit far north for me bud, But if you do see another around the staffordshire area, drop me a message and I'll pick up and store.

  • I would help you mate but i have nowhere to keep it, struggle to find space to work on my own car :(

  • Bump anyone please i really need a little help.. can anyone in my area drive me to collect it..

  • sorry i havent the room for another mx but what parts are you looking for?

  • im after both doors Jay..

  • @10b617c2e6=Rainmaker:

    im after both doors Jay..

    just was wondering because im breaking a k8 engine, but since its door i havent got any spare sorry :cry:


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