Martin's mx3 & Eunos Presso

  • Here r my pics of my mx and presso. Pics were taken in the rain so not the best quality but thought I had better get some on here.
    Have done nothing yet to the mx since I bought it but got service, cam belt and oil and coolant leaks to sort over easter w/e.
    The 17" alloys are badly kerbed and need replacing so will replace these sometime this year ( will also get correct tyres fitted, 205/35 currently fitted ).
    Also plan on fitting grooved/drilled discs and CAI.
    The Eunos Presso needs cambelt belt. Also the ex wife hit a pony whilst driving on dartmoor so needs new bonnet and o/s/f wing.
    Picked up both at local sc
    rapyard for £40.(unfortunately in white).
    Interior is very dusty as has been in garage with windows and doors open.
    The mx3 also came with a few spares(see pics below).

  • is that a white drivers side wing in the spares pile
    and woud you sell it ?

  • the wing and bonnet are going on the car as the better half aimed for a horse mate

    nice cars bud

  • A month after buying them the scrapyard got a black mx3. :x
    I am going round there after work 2day to have a look.
    If it still has the drivers wing on the black one I will get it then you could have the white one.
    The guy who owns the scrappy told me he had never paid so much 4 a car(white one ) but wouldnt tell me how much. Apparently it was driven to scrappy (still had 6 months mot) but had bent con rod after being driven thru a deep puddle.
    But he got his money back on selling 3 parts (headlights went to canada).

  • Nice one, looks quite similar to mine! Mainly due to the bonnet.

    That's unlucky on the hydrolock/destruction! Must have been more like a lake than a puddle :lol:

  • Thanks for the comments, much appreciated.
    Very envious of ur klze Marco. Want one !! lol. :lol:

  • Have been busy last few weeks working on both the mx and presso.
    Unfortunately the batteries have just gone flat on the camera :x so will post pics tomorrow.

    On the mx I have fitted a new cam belt (cam belt kit from blueprint).
    What a f***ing job that was. :lol:
    Not content with that I then sorted the oil leaks and replaced front and rear rocker cover gaskets. Oil was also leaking from the circular black plug/stopper on the side of the front rocker cover (behind lifting bracket), this had been dripping oil inside the cam belt covers and over the belt. So had to reseal this.
    Also carried out full service replacing oil/fuel/air filters. Originally used 5w-30 fully synthetic oil but engine sounded terrible when hot. So have now replaced this with 10w-40 semi synthetic and it is now lovely and quiet. :D
    So now I wanted to tackle this misfire. Have fitted new plugs,new HT leads,new dizzy cap and cleaned up rotor arm(out of stock).Still got miss though when engine is hot.Am skint now though so might have to live with it for a bit. :(

  • Oh and forgot to add… went for a drive this eve, drove into little chef car park, was concentrating on the misfire and caught my front splitter on the high kerb whilst I was parking. :cry:
    It now doesn't meet properly in the middle and nearside corner will need respraying...really pi**ed!! :x

  • @2bd344d9df=martin:

    On the mx I have fitted a new cam belt (cam belt kit from blueprint).
    What a f***ing job that was. :lol:

    Fun, ain't it? :D

  • did you get that other wing ?

  • yeah, got nice o/s/f wing in Black. So White one is now spare.
    Also got few other parts that are surplus to requirements (red door mirrors,dizzy 4 cyl,rear lights and more).
    Will post new thread tomorrow with what I've got. :)

  • cool dibs on the wing

  • No probs. The Black wing cost me £20 so am looking to get my money back on the White one. :)

  • sounds good to me

  • Was supposed to be working on 15th May but hopefully will swap with someone at work(find out tomorrow).If so, will be able to attend Japfest. Could bring it up then (I think u r going?? :lol: )

  • cool yeh im there on display for the club

  • @5357fdf178=martin:

    Was supposed to be working on 15th May but hopefully will swap with someone at work(find out tomorrow).If so, will be able to attend Japfest. Could bring it up then (I think u r going?? :lol: )

    haha nice one martin, see ya there fella…

  • Ok… Have a few pics of what I have been doing on my Presso.
    Was originally given it as it was thought that the cam belt had snapped (not that it makes much
    However as I started to take things apart I found that the water pump bearing was knackered, which then snapped the auxillary belt. This must then have caused the cam belt to jump a tooth (or 2) on the crank.
    Also have been cleaning up engine and engine bay(cleaning, painting etc).

    You can just about make out the yellow timing mark in the pic.The cams are all lined up and the crank is tooth out.

    I also managed to get a complete SE interior which I intend to put in the MX. I think I will probably have to get the front seats re-upholstered as the suede has oily hand and foot prints on it from the scrappy. I dont think any cleaning product will get oil and grease out of the suede.I wasn't expecting them to be mint as the price was a bargain.

    I also bought a job lot of spare parts from a Black mx that had been broken, including the 17" Team Dynamic alloys. These are a bit kerbed so will need to get them refurbed.

    The Headlamps I intend to put on the Presso to replace the plastic ones.

    Also acquired front and rear bumpers in black but both have cracks which would need to be plastic welded, Radiator, alternator, o/s front wing in black and Powerflow s/s rear section exhaust.

  • Reposting the pics that I inadvertantly moved on photobucket.
    The MX as it used to look :cry:

  • Interior pics of the Eunos

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