Bumper removal

  • can anybody help. any tips on how to take the front bumper off please

  • 1 screw either side where the wheel arch joins the bumper, one bolt either side at the bottom of the bumper where the wheel arch ends, 3 - 14mm nuts on the back of the bumper in the engine bay either side near to the line of the number plate holder and I think some fixings on top of the grill where the bonnet release catch is. Sorry if not described well, once you have located all fixings, it should take you no more than 20 mins to get off, maybe spray some wd40 before you do it as some bolts maybe seized

  • Don't forget the screws behind the indicators. Took me three weeks to find those little bastards!

    My hammer went blunt!!!!

  • cheers mx3gulf…. im contemplating this mission too!

  • Right if one of you is about to do this ie: Bumper removal… Then can you do a how to with plenty of pics to assist and post it up for fellow members..
    Please include what tools you have used and how hard or easy a job you thought it was...


  • its really not hard to do. i had to get mine off to change my headlights. the good thing with taking it off is you can do it yourself.
    work from the arches first, left then right. take out indicators and you'll find screws there. theres plastic screws type things under the number plate. bolts on top.
    when they are all done the bumper will just lift off.
    when you are about to lift off, favour one side first eg. pull left side away from the wheel arch till its clear of the paintwork. then it all comes off with no paint scratches.

  • thanks every one for the help.

    im half way though mine so a bit late to do a how to sorry but it will probably coming off again so i will do it then.


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