High idle speeds? (1500-2000rpm)

  • My car's been idling very high, it was a bit high when I got it but it seems to have gotten worse.
    She sit's at 2000rpm idle when she's cold, and about 1500rpm when she's warmed up, any idea's what could be causing it?
    She drives perfectly, and it doesn't affect anything other than idle, any clues?
    thanks :)

  • Think that can be the sensor in the throttle body getting a bad reading but not 100% on that, you would need it checked out

  • I'll have to take it to my mechanic guy I guess, he's mad about Probe's so at east he's got some experience with K series engines.
    cheers mate :)

  • How to set idle, tps etc

    Could be the TPS out of spec or adjustment as mentioned, the stupid POS Idle Air Control valve, or a plane old vacuum leak. Pulling codes would be my first step along with those in the above link. All it takes is that accordian tube, or one of the many vacuum hose to be delapidated to screw up your idle. One other small chance is that the butterfly is sticking open a little due to dirt or a weak spring.

    The IACs are quite notorious though. The wax pellet inside them is supposed to get lazy, and the pulsing mechanical assembly gets clogged up with crap too. I've tried cleaning two of them, and they still sucked, so I no longer use mine.

    Try this:
    Have the car at operating temp
    Note the RPM
    Remove the IAC plug ( white plug connecting to a black cylinder under the throttle body)
    Now see if the RPM drops to something more sensible

    If it does, your IAC is probably not behaving as it should.

  • For the money i'd just change the whole TB inc the TPS and IAC.

    I've got a K8 one for £15 plus whatever postage is if you want it.

  • Thanks Marco, I'll have a read tonight and see what if my simple mind can understand it :D

    Hold that thought mr admin, I may take you up on it!


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