• What type of back box is the best out there for the mx 3? wana bit more of a deeper sound really!
    Was thinking of a universal backbox, with a jap cut on the end.

  • dont bother with a universal one! get one online that is actually built for your model mx3 they are built to work best with the pressure of the air from the car. and the sound is fine tuned and mounts are built for the mx3 so it sounds and fits best!

    but if ur going universal try get one from J's racing!

    few of the lads on my website have full j's exhaust setup
    manifold, piping, decat, exhaust and they all say
    "J's RACING"…. "when loud just isnt loud enough!"

  • Id say stay well away from uni fit exhausts, they dont fit (anyone want a twin CF exhaust for £60 Ive had it in the garage for 3 years) Go for custom built. Look for a garage in your area that has a Powerflow stamp. got mine done 3 years ago for around £200 CAT back and its still goin good. The CATS fuked now but thats not their fault and its gettin replaced next week :D

  • You have an exhaust for sale? I am desperately after one if you don't mind posting it…I'm down in Hereford, so too far to drive really. Let me know, cheers!

  • This is my custom made back exhaust:

    The sound of it :

    I like it :)

  • Hereford eh. I've been down there a few times ( My Ex was from Fownhope) Good roads for blasting around and very few police :D . If the exhaust is for your MX3 then the one I'm selling is no use to you. Hence why its been sat around in my garage for so long :( It looks like this and is a lot bigger than it looks it the picture (as I found out)

  • yeah, theres some great roads around here, the mx3 loves em!

    Yeah, I need the back box for my MX3, shame that one doesn't fit, but hopefully I'll find one soon…

  • What you need is Powerflow, and it just so happens that theres a Powerflow approved custom exhaust place just up the road from you

    WR2 5ER
    Phone: 0 1 9 0 5 4 2 4 2 6 2

    Mine was £200 CAT back well worth the money sounds great and it only took a couple of hours to craft and fit.

  • Unfortunately I don't really have that kind of money at the moment, my budget is only £100, so I think I'll just go for the back box. My mx3s done 121000 miles too, so I don't think I could justify spending that on it now, I'm prob gonna sell after I've MOT'd it and get a younger, less driven one!

    Its got an MOT due, so I want to get the exhaust sorted before I take it to the garage, as its blowing quite badly in a couple of places (mainly back box). Do you think I'll get it through mot if I putty up one of the holes, which is half way between the backbox join and the cat?

  • plenty of life left in that mx 3 it, there is a powerflow place near me i wana get a good exhaust but for cheap, i know 200 is good, but i paid 35 for standard one and its not bad sounding really

  • try gum gum tape for the time being!

  • fk it then, I might keep the car a bit longer! I was tempted to sell, as nothing has gone wrong in a year and I'm just expecting everything else to fall apart any moment! Hopefully it won't though!

    Can A44 fit the powerflow exhaust for me?

  • For the center part try:


    Center is £32.65
    CAT is £140.78

    They will be unipart though not mazda.

    they prob sell back box too but its not on their website.

    ALSO try



    get one from scrappy / ebay

  • Power Flow exhausts are custom built on the spot by bending/welding the necessary piping. All you have to do is choose you back box style, hand over the cash then sit back and have a coffee. Give them a call and arrange to take your car over, like I said mine was a couple of hours to do so its not like you'll have to leave the car then comeback the next day.


    The link shows some of their tailpipe styles so you can get a bit of an idea before you go.

  • it wont fall apart, mazdas last!

  • Here's my custom exhaust:

    The pictures dont do it justice at all. She's at an angle tilted upwards slightly. Stupid Camera phones. lol.

  • Stainless exhausts usually have a lifetime guarantee or something like that.

    Last longer than your car or summit.

  • Yup thats right, mine came with a lifetime of vehicle warranty. Not had to use it though 3 1/2 years and counting :D

  • Cheers for all the help guys, I'm definitely gonna go to that place in Worcester, I think I can probably stretch to £200 too :D

    Was yours £200 including VAT hypnoticstoat? I called up and he said it would be between 2 and 3 hundred + VAT for a '97 MX3, but I didn't give anymore details, so it was just a ballpark figure…

    I am not sure on what tip to get yet... I quite like the look of most of them! Any recommendations? I want a gutsy sounding one, but I don't want one with a proper bass drone that means I can't hear my tunes in the car!

  • Yeah mine was the entire system cat back for £200 inc VAT. They might just be giving you ballpark figures off the top of their heads. Take the car to them and get a proper quote. Let me know how you go on, I think you'll agree in the end that it was money well spent if you go ahead with it :D


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