Attempted theft!

  • Hi guys,

    Its been a while, but I have been on and chatted with some of you before.

    Someone attempted to nick my motor the other night. :x :x The lock is smashed, but failed, so they wrenched the door handle off. The door itself isn't dented or bent, but I need to replace the handle and lock on the drivers side.

    I dont mind if I have to have a seperate key for the lock, but need car back being secure as quick as possible.

    Any ideas where I can get the handle and lock unit as cheap as possible? I dont want to pay over the odds.

    Also, would it be a cheaper alternative to get a replacement MX-5 handle and lock? I've read on here somewhere that they fit?

    Thanks in advance

  • **Mk2 MX-5 handles do indeed fit. Of course, they'll come with their own lock, which means a separate key for driver's side and ignition.


  • you're not wrong!!

    so which option is most 'economically effective'…lol

    would it be cheaper to go for mx3 or mx5 handles?

  • what year/reg range would I be looking at for a MK2 mx5?

  • Mk2 (also called NB/NB.5) is 1998 to 2005 - though bear in mind that Mk1 (NA) also ended in 1998, and Mk3 (NC) started in 2005.

  • so 99 to 04 then.

    Got it, cheers mate

  • do ford probe handles fit?

    there seems to be a lot of reference on the internet to shared parts

  • Probe handles are totally different, They are situated on the edge of the door and you pull them out vertically not horizontally, plus they are a totally different shape.

    Sorry to hear bout your car, but glad it held its own :p

  • Cheers matt

    Found someone breaking an mx3 in birmingham, so I managed to get a new handle, lock and key for £30. Mazcare were asking over 200 notes!!


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