• Ok, I'm going out on a limb here - and against modding completely, but:

    Is there any way of making the V6 3 more fuel efficient?!?
    (Without a LPG conversion!)

    At the rate I'm going this thing is gonna make me bankrupt!
    I'm getting 30MPG and less - even driving like a grandad! I change up before 3K every gear!!! Using almost £70-£80 a week!

    Also, how annoying is the bloody fuel gauge?!?
    I drove around til I got home (by this time the warning light was on) then when I started it the next morning, I had 1/4 tank?! WTH??

    I'm seriously debating a diesel atm! :P

  • Decent full service you will notice straight away, then there is keep windows closed, air con and as many electrical bits turned off.

    I bet you drive short distances a lot in it, I only live 10 miles from work so the engine is still not up to heat properly by the time I get to work.

    I do 150 miles to a full tank when I just do short runs around town but if I go on the motorway I have driven from southampton to dublin on one tank just cruising on the motorway and that is 400miles

    If you do a lot of short trips the V6 kains fuel my monthly bill is £150 a month to go to work so the bike is coming out soon when its a bit warmer
    Also doing short trips you will find keeping the revs under 3k etc the engine starts to coke up in the cylinders adding to the problem, they need a good thrashing regularly and some fuel cleaner helps

  • **I run through one tank of Super every 10 or so tanks but only on long runs. The car will run a marginally improved fuel economy on that run which offsets the cost - but only just. Super tends to have cleaning additives which dislodge any random gunk and you'll see a benefit for the next few tanks.

    I've done (I was bored, okay) extensive fuel surveys with Red over the last seven years and I've found that the various brands of 95RON bring their own fuel economies. In order (and this is from memory):

    Texaco (limited experience of this one, take with a pinch of salt)

    The difference between Tesco and Shell is stunning - 15-20%, which is the difference between 30mpg and 36mpg, for the same driving habits and routes…

    The South-East Tesco Fuel Debacle also raped my fuel economy for some considerable time - I was getting 35s on average and it plunged to 28s. A fuel filter change seemed to bring it partway back, but she's not recovered until fairly recently, and that's a solid 4 years since.**

  • I usually only ever fill up half way to save on weight :)
    Dont have a warning light though :(
    aiming for 28mpg after my turbos installed :P

  • Cheers guys!

    Will admit, defo needs a service, but the cost of running is stopping me buying the bits! Ironic! Haha!

    I use Shell all the time. I have a loyalty card, so I'm clearly doing something right there! I only fill up £20 at a time to fool myself into thinking I don't have much fuel left! Haha!

    I should give it a good blast every now and then (and have done, when some cocky boy-racer fancies a go! ;) )

    I have noticed the needle barely moves cruising the motorway - but as you say, I'm doing a lot of town driving!
    Guess I'll have to get that service done then see how it goes!

    Thanks again!


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