• @2dc1647d0f=nightstalker:

    Always thinking…..

    Since I've put the black bonnet on my silver 3 I'm thinking of co-ordinating

    i.e. painting the mirrors black, the roof and spoiler.

    Just wondering what people think? Should I do it?

    im doing this to my white one this year, i think it should look realy good do it

  • @4bd94ff976=Famine:

    I probably have some black mirror surrounds I can loan you…

    I may take you up on this offer Mr.F. Will just have to find some free time away from work (would be easier than stripping, priming, spraying and laquering the mirrors)


    I'll have a go at ps'ing it for you if you want?

    Ph S away my friend, do you want some pics to badger away with?

    **Paint everything above the swage line black, leave everything below silver and separate the two with a thin, red line, widening to the rear spoiler.

    Though he'd need his mohawk back and a serious tan to drive it.**

    If there's gonna be a thin line it'll have to be blue to go with the rim tape, blue wheel nuts and blue interior lights

    And god Damn, I'll deffo get the hawk back if the car goes two tone (although I think the Tesco management course might get put off) and I only tan purple…. :oops:

  • @d266a07e0b:

    Ph S away my friend, do you want some pics to badger away with?

    yarp :)

  • Hope these are okay for you fella

    Sorry about the poor quality of them :oops:

  • Quick rough 'chop from me:

  • Another more recent picture of the car from the side :? (excuse the dirt…)

  • If anyone wants to sell a black bonnet then please mail me as I am after one

  • :D

  • If you are going to do that, to make it uniform I would draw a straight line from the top tip of the wing the most forward point that meets the bonnet
    Then all the way back to the top of the rear wing where it meets the underside of the spoiler and go black everything above that line

    If not follow the window rubber along to the spoiler and go black above that line, uniformity will make it look 100 times better

    Also instead of paint, have a look at sign makers vinyl, we wrap yachts in that stuff and its guaranteed for 5 years and looks the nuts if its fitted properly and you can get whole cars done, or do it yourself and then it will cost you hardly anything.

    I have seen a couple of yachts done with this stuff but car wrapping is big business in the uk just search google and you can get your own design printed and fitted for less than a full respray
    like this

  • This shop does the full car with any design you like for £855+vat


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