How to fit Reverse Glow Dials

  • Ok can anyone do me a dummies guide to changin me dials….. really want some nice neon blue or somat.... as the old stander are pretty well crap looking imo lol

  • yeah someone do it please, wanted to get the ones of ebay!

  • cars at the hospital at the moment if i get it back tomorrow ill do it ok?

    its a 5 min job anyway!

    case of remove the 2 screws just in front of the glass cover.
    remove stooring wheel in some cases.
    take out what parts you want then!

  • heres how i did it.

    1–- remove stearing cove
    2--- remove screws attachin class dials compartment (under upper lip before plastic glass)
    3---- take this out. should be an entire cars compartment memoving block connections at back. this allows entire dails to come out( note as previous said i filled up my take incase fuel reset whils taking out back wire connections, explained later)

    4--- take off plastic casing by removing brass screws attaching it to back part.

    5 --- take off black clock surround. ( attached to front of clocks, black bout 5mm thick thing).

    turn thing over and trace the green bulbs. remove the ones that make normal clocks green (note one is required behind speedo clock to keep milage lighted up)

    turn back over. start rev counter. remove two black screws. and ease now clocks over needle and locate in positon and screw down.

    mph clock... remove screws. position needle to about 100 mph a then slide the clock over needle and position over stopper pin at o- mph. this movement of needle allows free movemet of clock and not bending too much. screw in positon

    petrol and temp had one.

    be gentle. some people have did it different ways. however i found this way quite easy.

    make a note of petrol level
    what i did was remove two screws at front. that allows new clocks to be screwed down.

    turn over and locate brass screws that secure the temp clock.

    undoing these releases the clock and allows the needle to move freely. ( like speedo clock.

    if frist you dont get free movement be patient you will with slight movement of barrel.

    form this you should be able to ove the needle toa position that is parrell wih the fuel needle allowing you to slide the clock over the two needles at the same time.

    once this one is on. make sure you turn you temp needle to the same place you had it before goin the opposite way to what you did (from memory i recall i went anti clock wise at first so clock wise to finish)

    reattach the brass screws and black screws. make sure petrol is same as you had it.

    feed the new wires thru where you removed the old bulbs.

    and attach black cover over dials.

    for the wiring i remover the old controler and disconnected the clip. forced the connections out and heat shrunk the earth to earth wire and so on( this allows for dials to work with lights as nornal) however doing this also turns off the power to heater light controls, but this is what i required as wanted little light at front as possible.

    other wise you could also wire the other wire to the one for your new clocks at same time( but dont quote me on this NEVER BEEN DONE BY MY SELF)

    locate you dimmer stwitch to where you want it. and re-install your dials as you taken apart.

    start car test everything lights indicators reves temp. if all working carry on if not. check step for clock is wrong.

    follows backwards from step 5-4-3-2-1


    hope this helps this is excatly how i achieced mine

    ps i also worked by following this step by step

    which helped me out to construct my way of installing.

  • s**te thats confusing. if need further help get back to me. i will tomorrow in spare time write this up as a doc and send over messenger if anyone needs.

  • cheers lads and yes valley would be helpful mate… lol male + instructions = CARNAGE, well for me atleast :P

  • Word of warning. Watch the needles if you do anything with your dash. They break very easily. I broke my petrol and temp needles putting new dial faces on and it cost me £70 for a new set from a scrap yard.( better than Mazda OEM they wanted £1700 for a new set of dials :shock: WTF? )

  • will see what i can do. lil stuck for time at mo final yr at uni so loads of work

  • Same for me, finish in about 2 weeks time, so got loooaads of work :?

    I'm gonna do the dials too once i'm finished, so I'll let you know how it goes!

  • think ill attempt this in a week or so, once i get more money through

  • right, managed to get the faces on ok, didn't manage to break any needles or anything…..cant get the reverse glow to work, i guess i must be attaching wires to wrong places or something, any help with the wiring up part would be appreciated.

    its not the end of the world as ive taken the green covers off the bulbs and got a dim glow behind so at least i can still see what speed i'm doing at night.

    and the white dials look much better than the stock ones

    but it is annoying as i would like a nice reverse glow at night, which is part of the reason i got them in the first place.

  • sorry not been able to get back to you lot about this, have had a slight problem. broken bone in hand, operation now rest.


    here goes….

    firstly i wanted ONLY the dash at night. no heater light etc. so only follow this if want same as.

    removed standard dimmer control.

    take out EARTH wire. and LIVE from the block connecter for standard dimmer.

    test with amp reader for live...

    connect earth.. fix in position tempory to check...

    conect live.... fix in position tempory.

    turn on side lights...... if above is connected to the right wires ( obviously) then new reverse glow should be working.

    (sorry cant give you correct wire colours. as cant get into dash at mo to check.)



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