Mid-range ropiness

  • **sigh

    Post full-service (all three filters, plugs and leads, cambelt [lol]), Red is hunting a little at idle and has absolutely no power at all between about 2krpm and just over 3krpm. Top end is absolutely fine, sub 1krpm is okay, but that little range is utterly awful.

    Current alternatives are:
    Cambelt is 1 tooth off (unlikely - top end should be just as bad)
    Spark plug/s incorrectly gapped
    Bad lead/s

    Any clues/insight/hayulp?**

  • I know this might sound daft (but it's always the smaller things you look over). My little 3 was doing the same and I found a HUUUUUGE tear in the intake pipe (thanks to some help on here), might be worth checking all the air pipes are tightened properly.

  • I had exactly the same and that was the induction pipe had a crack in it that I could not see until I removed it, turns out when the air filter was done the mechanic cracked it as it had got brittle

  • **I've just plucked up the courage to go and check the intake (on the grounds that, if it's not that, I've got a lot of pain coming and I don't want to rule it out early). Sure enough, in the centre of the concertina section… a gash. Luckily I have the spare one from Marvin, which is in remarkable condition...

    I've never been so happy to find a gash in my car. Except, you know, that one time.**

  • **Replaced the concertina with the spare from Marvin - roadtest says "Here, have all your power back. Oh, and the brakes which were very spongy yesterday"

    Need to check the PAS pulley tensioner as it's a bit squealy at low speeds, but other than that, all is successful :D**

  • Glad to hear you got it sorted! I'll have to remember that for when the tape round mine splits lol

  • **Oddly, Marvin's - given that he's 5 years older than Red - looks nearly brand new. Any money on it being a replacement part? :D

    I'm considering - or wondering - if I can repair the other with some form of puncture repair/rubber glue…**

  • @c36184f542=Famine:

    I'm considering - or wondering - if I can repair the other with some form of puncture repair/rubber glue…

    Tried that with marine sikaflex, the strongest stuff on the market and because the main body is so brittle it just got worse :cry:

    But I will hopefully have news soon as I have found a shop that sells non genuine ones for half the price of mazda so when I get all the details I will make a post about it with links


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