Given up trying to sell her, scrap yard here we come :(

  • @5588449fbb=james:

    what is that bug eye stuff ?

    They have extended their colour range too

  • Well I guess it's time to update my worklog, or rather, my repair log >:[

    during the winter, my car was part of an ice induced post attack, in other words, hit a patch of ice and she slid into a post leaving this :(

    I guess at least it showed me how bad the rust on the arch was

    So I popped into halfords and bought

    After a little bit of a going over she now looks like this. not finished but it's a heck of alot better than it was!

    So the next job was to pop this beast on :p

    Not anything special I know but it was replacing this monstrosity!

    Much better :D

    3 rolls of insulating tape can only do so much for so long!

    Next job, something every Essex boy needs… quality KENWOOD sounds blud ;)
    Anything's better than the tape deck that was in there already!

    After a few months of annoying banging I decided it was time to replace the 2 broken stabilizer linkages, so out came the grinder

    out with the old, in with the new :D

    The next job on the list was to replace the front o/s CV joint, mazda wanted £380 for it, so I went to my local motofactors, and got one for £80.
    the thing was an absolute B!^$H to replace! but we did it, no pictures though cos I was to stressed to take any lol

    The last week or so, She's been running like a bag of spanners, so I decided to get under the bonnet and see what I could see, first thing to check, spark plugs.
    Whiped out the HT lead, and immediately found the problem.

    the HT lead was dripping with oil and the sparkplugs were covered, so I cleaned her out as much as I could.
    Looks like the rocker cover gasket has given up the ghost.
    Another thing to add to the list of repairs!

    Next job on the list, replace the broken rear spring.

  • If you want phat sounds with your kenwood, i highly recommend a pioneer pump bass cannon awesome bass in a small box

  • Haha I think I'm getting too old for phat b-lines now, my subs have been replaced by golf clubs lol

  • lol, I still love a phat bassline

  • Well it had to happen one day I guess.

    Due to the fact I am currently living 130 miles away from my gf I am finally selling my baby, the car not the gf… unless the price is right! ;) for a more economical relault clio 1.5 DCi.
    I have owner her for almost 2 years and have loved every second of it and I will be sad to see her go but needs must and all that!

    I've stuck a for sale thread in the for sale section so if anyone is interested, let me know.

  • Hey guys,
    just a quick message to let you all know my mx3 is for sale, and I need her to go fast.
    she is mot'd and taxed till august, has 4 almost brand new tyres and is in perfect running order, apart from the CV joint on the passengers side that will need replacing at some point.
    she's done 121,000 miles on a p plate (early 97) and is immaculate inside.
    The only downside is the scratch on the side (see above pictures) so if any of you want a project to give a little tlc too, or a donor car then she would be perfect for you to just drive away.

    if nobody wants her by the end of the month im scrapping her as i need the cash for a new fuel pump on my daily driver and i need the space too.

    any offers will be considered although i would like about £350 or there abouts. she is too good to go to the scrap yard so if anyone wants her send me a message on here or leave a reply etc.
    i ma based in the essex area, but like i said she drives perfectly so will have no problems getting you home.

    thanks :)


  • its a shame you have to go but hope you get what you want, if you are desperate to shift it I would go ebay £300 start - no reserve and wave it goodbye next week

  • i will probably end up scrapping her as the scratch seems to be putting everyone off buying her which is a shame as mechanically she is perfect. wish i had the time and space to repair her to be honest, i don't really wan't to get rid lol.
    to be honest if anyone here wanted her they could have her for £250, i'd even leave the tax on too.

  • It would definately sell for that on ebay, £250 start no reserve with tax and MOT.

  • Ebay it for definate, will give you tips to sell if you like, but put it on, 7 day auction no reserve you migh be surprised and it goes for £400

  • I put her on ebay for starting bid of £200 a couple of months ago when she had six months tax and mot and i got no interest at all so i've given up trying to sell her now, cashed the tax in and probably gonna scrap her when i get the sorn paperwork back.

  • i really like those "bug" eyes..really cool


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