Picking alloys designs well colours to be exact!

  • Need help guys, well putting the idea out for opions

    Rights heres what to do

    save this pic into your pictures

    head over to this link at rare rims,

    upload the pic into their virtual gallery.

    move wheels around on page, en large them ( found 136% worked best )and off you go, only looking at rota wheels as min weight is key!

    i was at first thinking rota torques in bronze, but now toying with idea of grid white with polished lip

    let us know on your thoughts, cheers guys!

  • if you try www.alloywheels.com in the top left corner select mazda then mx3 and then the size it display each alloy on a side view of a white mx3 so you get the idea, they have a large amount on there include info on fittings and a guide to the "ET" sizes for your car.

    For me a lot of cars suit white alloys and they are quite rare to buy but I reckon these would suit your silver car as they have chrome detail
    There is a shop on ebay that does unusual colour + design rims for less than a lot of the main shops
    Also check out my fitment guide for all the makes and models of cars that have the same stud spacing as MX3's and it opens the market for alloys even more

  • ill try yours a japfest and see :D .

  • dont look too close at mine at japfest, I got a rough set of alloys, cleaned them up and enameled them at work


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