• Hi all, the issue with the standard mazda induction pipe running from the air filter to the throttle body has been a common problem for a while and I know mazda are charging £50 for that piece of plastic poop.

    Today at work I have come across a company that can make to order any size rubber pipes with extra pieces + joints in any shape on it. I had a chat with the guy and I am taking an induction pipe in for him to measure up hopefully next week. He seems to think that by getting rid of that blank piece for a turbo down the front a standard pipe will be exceptionally cheap compared to the mazda part.

    I will keep you posted on progress

  • sounds good i got a spray cap lid on there took that downwords pipe off

  • im in at the right price 8)

  • I found these the other day 8)

    I know it's not and induction pipe but carbon radiator stays…...... mmmmmm

  • I went to the company who said they can make anything out of pipes and had a few people say that you give them a length of pipe and they will sort it for you, so I paid them a visit today.

    Instead of the helpful person I dealt with over the phone that offered to help if I took it in instead I got a young woman receptionist that thinks she runs the company because there were no guard jobs at auschwitz available anymore and although she seemed to speak perfect english she seemed only capable to listen to me in a language that she did not understand and tried to get me an appointment with a head of sales to have a mould made up for around £5000 and then proceed to order 100,000,000 to make them all feel good about it.
    She refused to let me talk to the person I spoke to before as he just works on the shop floor so I got absolutely nowhere with them so they can poke it up their pipes now.
    Hate receptionists that are well above their station

    Will try and get him on the phone but the outlook for this place is getting bleak.


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