Freedom's - Veno Design Project

  • old pics dude, lol.
    extended the bonnet, nut didnt suit the llok of the car, so in the process of re-doing it, lovely

  • Get some new pics up. :D

  • went up today to have a look, with the intention of seeing what had been done
    and also take some new pics
    COMPLETELY forgot, lol
    all i saw was one door in the air, and spent half the day playing with it
    then once that had finally lost slight appeal
    i looked at the work that had been done, promise ill post some pics tomorrow
    its just amazing
    still some fine tuning to do, but it goes up an down, and for the while
    im content

  • ment new pics. as thought was getting resprayed. when you posted your pics up. my mistake.

  • unfortunately not,
    that will be some way off i would imagine as the doors were a hell of a lot harder than they could have been
    an the chap whos doin the work is working it raound other projects so takes a little longer than it might usually
    hopefull will be sprayed mid may id imagine
    hopefully will be ready for low 'n' loud in july
    will have to see, lol

  • lambos

  • Is that riser strong enough to lift the door on its own or do you have to help it up

  • you can push it up with ease, but half way up, it would take itself if u let it, its just right in my book

  • 650lbs shocks

  • both are now vertical yay. gunna start sanding down an hopeully in a couple of weeks it will be wearing a new glossy coat lol. cant wait
    ill post pics with um both vertical wen it stops raining

  • and before anyone asks, doors, hinges, modification, wiring up. well everything to do with the lambos from start to finish came in at just over £800

  • looking good


  • i like em, my uncle put lambo doors on his merc, he got a universal kit from ebay think the came from germany cost around £120 i think, he fitted them himself so saved quite a bit.

    should look really good when its all back together!!!

  • looks tidy mate. one thing i wished the mx has is the doors with no window runners (sils) etc like on the nissan 100 or mx5

    that would totaly set the lambo look off

  • i thought they did like the 323f until i went to buy mine, would look awsome with the doors up and the windows down!

  • that was what i was going to do to the 100 nx had till i sold here

    but got wat i wanted since a kid now so not worried, pity there is not a true way that is safe to carry out the conversion etc

  • what do you mean by, not a true way to carry out the conversion valley??
    im really pleased with the way they have turned out, but do wish that they didnt have the door sills, but oh well
    just out of intrest has anyone else done this conversion to an mx (in the uk as i know quite a few in the us have) would like to be the first person to lay claim to that :P
    but if the moderators or admin would like how to as i have all the pics from the concersion, i would gladly ablige

  • not with the lambo door conversion. was on about removing the door window pillar so there is just the bottom of the door when they are up and windows are down.

    also by real way i mean a way of cutting them off to achieve this but still have the safety of the pillars and the windows shutting correctly as in the mx 5 or the 100nx nissan.

    sorry if previous post sounds strange trying to revise and getting distracted easy. this site ebay etc

  • boy has it been a while
    i said id do it tho
    spec is as follows
    full venodesign body kit
    all custom modified to fit, youd have to see the work gone into it to understand realli
    racing hart v5's, custom sprayed in blck, with polished lip
    whole interior stripped
    one off (only mx in the country, again, so im told) lambo dorrs, pretty much built from scratch
    full re spray in blaze red, and unfortunately, the bonnets sprayed, not carbon
    oh, and before you ask, that is a tow bar, dont know when i might need to tow the boat?? lol
    full stainless exhaust system with 4 inch tailpipe
    2.5L KLDE from a mazda 626, got it for nothing ecu an all, and fitted inside of a day
    leather bucket seats,
    interior sprayed same colour etc etc

    just waiting on suspension,
    sterring wheel + boss
    lights to come from the you .S
    sprecuce the engine bay up
    TAX it lol
    also having a roll cage, and sorting covering the door panes with something, any ideas would be great
    and a few other things in the pipe line in the future
    but for the moment thats how it is

    any critisim however bad is welcomed
    cheers chris
    o it, and instead of going show car
    i went stripped lol


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