Info - about KLZE engine swap into 1.6

  • hello guys.i have the mx 3 1992 1600cc model and i want to swap my engine with the KLZE 2.5 V6.i just dont anything about this story..first of all can this swap made or not?do i have to reinforce my car and generally what do i have to do?i have about 1500 euro and i am going to gather more but i dont know even how many money i need.i know that i start from zero but i want somones help.if any of you have the knowlege to answer me and give me general info it would be very helpfull.tnx guys.i hope to see a light at the end of the tunel… :lol: :lol: :lol:



    Most people swap the BPT into a 1.6 MX3 as its more straight forward (both 4 cylinders - possibly same block etc). But it is still a much harder swap than the ZE.

    People swap the KLZE into the 1.8 MX3 because the engines are actually made out of the same block so its a relatively easy swap to do.

    KLDE and KLZE 2.5 V6 Engine swap

    The 2.5 L KL family includes the Japan-only KL-ZE, which produced 197 hp and 165 ft.lbf (224 Nm). Another variant, the KL-DE (often incorrectly called the KL03) was the worldwide version, with 164-170 hp in various applications.

    The KL series engines are built out of the same block as the stock 1.8 V6 which makes for a relatively easy swap.

    The KLZE is the Japanese version of the UK's KLDE engine and features different internals which push it up to 197 bhp.
    This engine swap is the best way to get a big bang for your money in the UK.

    B6T / BPT

    B6T 1.6 power and torque outputs varied across markets due to emission and fuel standards, but the Japanese version of the B6T was the most powerful, producing 147 hp and 137 ft·lbf (186 N·m)

    BPT 1.8 is a turbocharged and intercooled variant of the BP. It produced 179 hp and 174 ft·lbf (237 N·m) of torque.

    BPD. It is commonly known as the 'big turbo' variant as it utilised a much larger IHI RHF6CB turbocharger. The BPT was used as the basis for the engine, with changes such as sodium filled exhaust valves, larger (and front mounted) intercooler, bigger fuel injectors and stronger engine internals helping to up the performance of the engine to produce 206 hp and 184 ft·lbf (250 N·m). This engine was designed to power Mazda to a world rally championship win, and was thus used in the limited production Mazda Familia GT-R (2200 built) and GTAe (300 built). I have never heard of anyone getting hold of one of these, but I bet they are expensive and because nobody has done the swap who knows what could happen. The KLZE swap is probably a better choice.

  • :D Hi, wanting to put a 2.5 V6 into the 1600cc MX3 is a big job. The suspension, brakes and steering will need modifying and upgrading due to the weight and much higher horse power / torque out put.
    You would be wise to sell the 1600 and buy a 1.8cc as the 2.5KLZE shares the same engine mounts, wiring harness and the 1.8cc suspension and brakes are capable of handling this extra weight and horsepower.
    I am currently modifiying a MX3 1.8cc to fit a KLZE motor into it.
    The body work is under way on the MX3 and I am still driving the MX6.
    Its got awsome torque above 4000 rpm and red lines at 8000rpm.
    After driving many modified 1.8cc over the last few years, nothing compares to the big V6 2.5 KLZE for cheap thrills.
    Check out my newbie pictures.
    :lol: Nice chatttting.

  • @0ade0cc4f5=WRENCHRASH:

    Its got awsome torque above 4000 rpm and red lines at 8000rpm.

    there's no point of going up to 8k rpm when the powerband drops off around 6600…just extra wear and tear on the engine :roll:

  • says he with the kl01 cams :P (I have them too lol :oops: )

  • rofl woops i shift at 7500 rpm heh i guess i need to shift a little earlier then heh

  • you on kl31 cams Kami? I think they're still making decent power up to 8k. But if you've kl31 heads be careful if you haven't uprated springs and retainers :!:


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