Vibrations on braking

  • recently I have noticed that when braking firmly from high speeds I get a vibration in thhe steering wheel and brake pedal.
    I spoke to a mate and he recommended I replace the discs all round thinking that it's a warped disk somewhere. Any ideas or cheap places to buy them?
    Cheapest quote I've found is at £84
    Has anyone used them and if so got any idea on shipping costs/reliability?

  • Normally I'd recommend EBC but they come in at £10 more expensive than you got. If your really looking to go cheap on this then buy these parts on ebay, although I'd be really reluctant to do that myself. Total cost for front and back discs+shipping= £101. I just paid £55 for a pair of OEM rear discs from Mazda to get mine through its MOT a few weeks ago so that should give you an idea of the price bracket your looking at.

  • dont skimp!!!

    I got a set of budget pads and disks and they are so poor! Their top of my list to change this year whilst the car is off the road, and they have only been on there 3 months!!!!

    The amount of brake dust they give off is stupid! Get a decent set mate… and whilst ya at it, get some braided hoses!!

    Spend the extra money and you wont regret it!

  • you get what you pay for, and this goes for everything not just brakes. Dont "go cheap" just to save money, when you hurtling toward a car and you cant stop as your brakes are crap you will know why, but by then it will be too late.

  • deffo a warped disk!

  • find your local brembo dealer, and ask about standard discs and get some ferodo pads, i ve got the codes in the house if you want them.

    discs and pads on the front - 108 inc vat 8)

    and they stop dam good! :lol:

  • yea anyone can go fast, stopping is the problem

  • This post was started in Nov last year so I've got it all sorted now. Just replaced the front discs and all was sorted. I did go for the £84 ones in the end and I think they're as good/bad (depending on how your looking at it) as Mazda parts. but correct me if I'm wrong (and I'm sure I am!) but as long as you can get the ABS to jump (which I know isn't reccomended and believe me I rarely need to/try to) then surely the limiting factor is on your tires since it's the tires skidding that causes the ABS to kick in.
    (awaiting expected correction)

  • it can be a bad thing. having good discs. but then again having standard discs and uprated tyres could be just as good,

    if you got the top disc's and pads in theroy work great but having standard tyres how would you expect the car to stop if there is not perfect grip on road . but having standard disc's and cracking tyres could be better. as the disc's are designed to work with the cars abs. and the better tyres would provide extra grip.

    (this comes from experience honda civic uprate disc's poor tyres being introduced to lampost)

    following that if you change the disc's great by make sure you got something in contact with the road that works just as great NOT BUDGET.

  • My point exactly. Plus, having damn good brakes with budget tires could give some driver the illusion of being in control of a car when he (or she) truely are not.
    Don't get me wrong, at the end of the day, there's nothing better than having great brakes with great tires just so long as people are aware of any limitations in their braking system.


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