Dyeing Suede

  • **Well, it's like this.

    I have a white 93 SE with the half-black leather, half-pale grey suede interior which I have stripped back to all but bare metal. I also have a red 98 V6 with the normal cloth interior, into which I intend to put the entire SE interior (with a bit of mix-and-matching on the plastic panels).

    However, I think the pale-grey suede will look a little incongruous in a non white/black body car and it'd look much nicer in a red body car if it was some hue of red (scarlet's pushing it, but something near "I accidentally red wine on the entire interior")

    I've not found any decent (that is to say permanent) dying solutions for the suede. Anyone have any ideas that won't end up with me having a red arse?**

  • theres a fabric spray (can) dye that would do it.
    goes on like paint, easy.

  • only thing with home dye kits is there can be a lot of colour running, mainly with sweating while sat in it in the summer or just long journeys.
    Best thing is take the covers off, its dead easy to do they are held with little metal rings that bend apart with pliers.
    Then take them to a tailors, suit repairs, cover makers, sail makers or car trimmers and slid them a couple of quid in cash just to take the centers out and put something nice in there, just go to a fabric shop you could get white leopard print LOL and then it will look the nuts and even if you pay full price, if you get the cloth first and strip the seats yourself its not as expensive as you would think.
    I was quoted £70 for the work on mine if I stripped the seats and bought the cloth


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