Bumpers and headlights

  • could someone be kind enough to tell me how to remove the headlights and front and rear bumper

    thanks :)

    a how to guide would be awsome :)

  • **Oh, you don't even want to know. I started doing this on Marvin, on the grounds that "Well, it's an easy enough start point". It was a nightmare!

    In the end I used a combination of my Chilton's guide and the online manuals from MX-3.com. For the bumper, you'll want this section and go to page S-17. I don't recall what I used as reference for the headlights, but they are not budging until that bumper's off.

    The big trip ups I recall were the three body-coloured plastic screws underneath the front of the bumper and the mounts at the back on each side. The headlights were affixed with some intensely inaccessible hex bolts.**

  • ^^^^^ so true. but when you have done it once it all makes sense. still a pain in the arse just to get the headlights off.


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