What made you buy an mx3

  • @e886716be5=Ryan:

    but I'd like to sample a V6 MX-3!

    Come to japfest i will take you out in mine :D :D :D

  • well when i was in college doing mechanics i was well into jap cars, mate had a civic coupe with a moded vti lump which was quick enough..so when i finally passed my test i wanted a civic coupe, fto or something like them cars so i narrowed it down what i could insure, i called a guy up for a black fto..he didnt answer so i got my mx3 k8…first car 1800 second driver insurance but had sooo much fun! being a student im always broke but my aim is a ze itb or a de turbd....got both lumps..we'll see what hapens :)

  • I was looking for a short (had to fit in garage with motorbike) reliable, fun, cheap and cheap to run starter track car.

    I narrowed the list down to the mx3, almera gti or civic vti. Im glad i went for the 3, and has surprised many a more powerful and expensive car on the track. It can carry so much pace through the bends, its 1.8 doesn't seem that bad..

    Been tracking it for over 3 years, with very very few problems. It has been superb, and everytime i drive it, i convince myself to keep it on..!!

  • Being as this is my first post here, I thought it would be fitting to give a little history, and by little, I mean essay time :D lol

    I first found out about MX-3's by accident when I was looking for a new car when I was about 23. I was on a car search after getting hold of some money and wanted something sporty, nice looking, fairly cheap to run and a bit different!

    At first I was considering a Toyota Celica, or a Honda Prelude, hoping for a GT4 Celica or V-Tech Prelude as you do but after the insurance company wanted £1200 a year to insure the GT-4 and £2600 ( I kid you not ) for the V-Tech I gave up on that and decided 2 litre versions would have to do.

    I had a friend who knew I was looking for a car, and said he'd seen some strange little red thing for sale nearby and I should take a look at it, so off we went.

    We arrived and what was there to greet us was, well to be honest I wasn't sure what to think or even what it was. I knocked on the owners door, and after a quick chat we had a closer look and this strange little almost quirky car was totally different to anything I had ever really seen before. I gave the car a look over, inside looked very nice and comfy and snug, I loved how you almost felt tucked away inside it's big chunky doors like a cocoon, it even had cup holders which for a coffee freak like myself is a must :D

    Next we popped the bonnet and got one hell of a shock, V6? where the hell did that come from?! After having another look around the exterior of the car and deciding that I liked the looks of this car ALOT the owner gave me the keys, and all 3 of us set off for a road test.

    The owner told me where to go, and after a while we found a nice long straight stretch of road, and he told me to slow down and put it in second, which I did, then he told me this is where the fun part happens, and said to give it a little bit of welly, and wait till we hit about 4000 revs, so I did.
    The acceleration was pretty rapid and I was quite impressed, then we hit 4000 revs and BOOM we shot off like lightning! it was like someone had pressed the NOS button, at which point I was grinning like a Cheshire cat and from then on I never looked back. GT-4? V-tech? They may be faster and have better performance figures than this little beast, but are they anywhere near as fun? well I think we all know the answer to that one!
    So begins the best 2 years of my driving life, my 1993, red 1.8 V6 MX-3

    Sadly though, after those 2 years of having the most fun in any car I had ever driven other than my 1990 Suzuki Swift GTi, which to be honest came pretty close fun wise, my Little MX-3 was taken away from me by a lorry down the A12 in Essex, England, as the driver swerved and smashed me against the central reservation and totally wrote her off :(

    That was 4 or so years ago now, and since then I have owned a battered old Ford Escort, a Proton Persona, which by the way I would AVOID like the plague!, and my current car, a 1995 Toyota Celica GT, none of them have been able to come close to that little red Mazda.

    But there is a happy ending! Rejoice fellow 3 lovers, for this coming Saturday I take delivery of my brand new (well new to me at least) 1996 Mazda MX-3 1.8 V6 coupe! with just shy of 100,000 miles on the clock, and finished in a rather unusual turquoise paint! And so I join your ranks as a proud owner of one of the greatest cars ever made, and I couldn't be more chuffed :D

  • as my dads on the website but doesnt come on alot just has a random browse time to time ill explain for him

    We built a nissan sunny n13, with a 2L few years back (160mph), it got hit by a lorry causing a bit of damage, and a bloke he knows borrowed him a mazda mx3 which he had for sale. got the sunny back on the road. told the bloke he knew he wanted to buy the mx3.

    eventually sold the sunny, and was left with a mazda mx3 and a toyota sera. also had a toyota gtfour engine at work. and the mx3 didnt have tax so we decided to put the 3sgte engine in the mx3, as its never been done.

    good 6months of working on the mx3 and it was ready for the road, tax,mot and insured it and the sera needed bodywork doing so sold it cheap and was left with the mx3 which my dad still has today.


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