Donna's - GS Project

  • Right well here's my baby - still standard bar the tinted front marker lights and rear lights and the badge change

    Have also now tinted the indicators.

    Have got my decat ready to go on and the rear number plate surround is to be sprayed but have got to leave off the serious modding for a few months due to money lol but am looking at kei racing shadows in gunmetal 17's for it when the money comes in and thinking of importing a kit from germany - think jag xk8 :wink: - dead subtle but sexi as! cant do much to it at the moment as i have a yr and half left on the warranty so anything i do i have to be able to take off but got plenty of plans! :lol:

    Can hammer the modding on the interior while i wait though! :lol:

    Paintwork is flawed so lookin at a respray soon but managed to get it shinin! :D

    New Shoes! :lol:

    all comments welcome though!

  • get that decat fitted. she will pur! welcome.

  • Hi,

    There seems to be a few of us springing up round here.

    I'm from Mancot and Diafol is from Garden City.

    Welcome to the site. :D

    What did you use to tint your rear lights? and how much did it cost etc…

  • Donna your MX3 looks very clean, would love to see what mine would look like black, looks naughty!

    Nice choice of wheels that you have in mind, should go with the car and colour nicely. Nice to see another girl on the site…Usualy they buy Saxo's but you have taste!

  • Hey Donna, cars looking good… some fantastic future plans for it too. How did Mascrat go tonight?

  • well to tint the lights just used the old checkpoint tinting spray lol! as chav as you like :roll: lol! does the job though!

    i love black cars they look so evil and sinister when done right lol

    i know yeh - had a corsa as my first car but then moved onto a mk2 punto which was stunning - very subtly modded and very clean! again that was black but i'm goin up in the world - cant stand saxslows etc - give me a proper car with a bit of grun any day ha ha!

    Mascrat was good tonight - didnt stay too late as the wkend has shattered me out but weather heldout and was all in all a good turnout :lol:

  • nice looking donna.Mines a v6 black baby too. Im trying to choose new boots too.Hard eh? Good choice there tho.

  • is a hard choice specially as the car is so sexy anyway - ya dont wanna ruin the look of the car but then ya want a lil bit of bling - as soon as i saw them wheels tough i fell in love with em so there the ones for me! :lol:

  • I know!! Im split all the time with the whole look i want. Im sure ill decide soon.Keep toying with the black rims with red rim stripe/chrome alloy/gold rims all in 17`s

  • i was toyin with black and silver rims like i had on my punto but then saw them :lol:

  • seen a nice set of 17`s similar to the original style but narrower spokes in black.Trying to strike a deal.Still think ill paint em gold ! lol

  • Wow, loving the ass-end of your mx3!! Where did u get the tinted lights from?

  • lookin good :)

  • theblackmoth - As donna mentioned a few posts earlier they aer the stock lights that have been tinted.

  • to be honest may be personal preference but i much prefer tinting standard lights to replacing them - i think i am going to make them a darker but i dunno i just think they look a lot more subtle and sinister ha ha!

  • fair enough… They def look dark and sinster! Looks great on the black mx3!

  • Is it legal to tint lights like that?

  • :lol: really want me to answer?

  • Thats a shame :cry:

  • only a shame if ya get pulled - then it's easy enough with some solvent remover and wet and dry paper to get the lights back to factory standard


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