How to remove needle from Instrument Cluster??

  • Hi guys.

    So I'm trying to put in instrument cluster lights and work on warning bulbs but my problem is trying to remove the speedometer needle…

    I tried to pull straight up with moderate pressure but then stopped before something my break. Any words of wisdom?? thanks

  • as far as i know just prise it off gentle but with a little effort…

  • The needles pulled straight off with some effort. What scares me is that they aren't slotted or geared in any way. They simply push over the needle and are oriented by mere pressure. Of what i can tell the unit is a magnetic coil, so it's not timed per say, its orientation is controlled by current flow.

    I have heard horror stories of people's speedometers not calibrated right after a dash overhaul so I think I will put it partially together and test drive it before buttoning up all the trim.

    thanks again for your help!

  • you should be able to put the new dash thingy over the needles without taking them off


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