Does anyone havea set of standard manuals from a scrap car

  • Hi, I saved an MX3 from the scrap yard at christmas and all I got in the way of paperwork was a 2 year old MOT cert and thats it,
    I have contacted the dealer who who left most of the service stamps on the door panels and he serviced it up to 60k miles.
    I have no other info on it at all so I am looking for an MX3 owners manual + the grey folder with the usual guff in it, anyone got one laying around or breaking a car that still has it.

  • You still need this bud?

    The car near me thats breaking has one, I'll ask how much he wants for it if ya like?

    his number is on the MX3 breaking thread in the WTB section I made, Just follow the link through Ebay.

  • still after the book set please, everythime a new one comes up breaking I ask for the book and no luck so far

  • Pm me ya number and i'll text you how much he wants for it, or grap the number from teh ebay link in the WTB section I made about the car adn phone em up tomororw.


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