• I found this shop that is selling american alloys here for the same price with shipping as buying a set here but these look a lot better than UK ones

    Does anyone know if there are any differences, I cannot think of any, the only thing I know is that imported boat trailers tend to need the wheels changing as they do not meet the UK standards for wheels do not know if it applies to alloys too.

    Heres the shop anyway

  • That is cheap! but what about once you've paid import duties tax etc? :(
    Would be interested to find out the weight of 1 x 15"

    only thing i can think is valve size hole difference maybe?i dunno tbh though.

  • Import tax + duties are usually 25% total value, but I have found that large companies like FedEx, UPS and DHL do not bother to chase it up because they have such a vast amount coming through every day.
    Parcel force + royal mail is the worse they do every parcel + charge you an extra £10 for the privelige of working out what you owe the government as for the others I import a lot of yacht spares and have not once paid the taxes


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