Ryan's MX-3

  • Looks good Ryan oh, and you've got a flat tyre :lol:

  • Looking good bud,


    Love the MX3 in yellow!

  • @2db15cd48e=nightstalker:

    Looks good Ryan oh, and you've got a flat tyre :lol:

    That's the better side! the 2 on the other side are flat. :lol:



    Love the MX3 in yellow!

    I found it on minkara, which is like a Japanese cardomain, soooo many sweet looking MX's there! :P

  • @fdb87bd6ee=Lori:

    Looking good bud,


    Love the MX3 in yellow!

    Did they do the MX3 in yellow? That looks like Civic Jordan Yellow ever so slightly to me. Looks good. Hmm, now thinking when I can afford to get a respray might go for yellow/black instead of white/black.

  • Just checked the colour chart on mx-3.com and they did.

    It looks cool. Seems to be a rare colour though.

  • Got the new seats fitted:

    Sprayed the splitter:

    Just have to do the sideskirts & wraparound spoiler now.

    If I keep the car (I'm contemplating selling up once the paintwork is sorted) I'd like to source & fit a set of RX-8 front seats 'cos they look fantastic.

  • Looks mint, nice one :D

  • snap but you need some better pics to show that aggresive lip off

  • Put the wraparound spoiler on for a look today. Needs the seal putting back on it and a lick of paint, so heading to halfords tomorrow for some rattlecans to spray it and the sideskirts.

    Can't wait to get the skirts on. 8)

  • nice that lip look good

  • Primed the sideskirts. Was too cold & wet for me to spray the paint onto them, will do that soon though.

    Really happy with how they look…not as good as the real J-Spec ones, but I can't complain! :)

    Need to sort out where the skirt meets the front wing, not sure whether I'll just fiberglass the 'space' in or reattach the bit I cut off.

  • looking good fella

  • I ended up ordering & fitting Kumho Ecsta SPT's, got a cracking deal off camskill so couldn't say no. Talked to a couple of people who are running them and they're very happy with their performance & longevity….and for 50 quid a tyre who can complain. 8)

    And snoooooowwwwwww! :P

    Good fun but too cold to be spraying things. Bah. :(

  • I had those tyres on my old v6 rims and was very pleased. They are great all rounders and performed well in wet and dry. I got them when they just came out for 35 each then the brand started doing well and price went right up! So went over to yokohamas when I went on 17.

  • Decided I'm sticking with MX-3's for the forseeable future, but for the money I'd put into doing up the bodywork on this and a few other little things I could just buy another clean MX-3, so that's the plan – find a clean black one within the next few months and transfer all my parts from this one over to it.

    Also, from the Eunos Presso I found in the scrapyard a few days ago I nabbed a set of decent shocks with -35/40mm lowering springs. Fitted the rear ones yesterday just for a quick look, and dammnnn, a bit off the ride height really transforms the looks! 8)


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