Mascrat Japanese Meet

  • Does anyone else know about the Mascrat Japanese Car meet thats held every 2nd monday of the month? My friend tells me it's Junction 21/21a off the M6 in a pub car park called Mascrat Manor in Warrington. Hardly ever any MX3's there so maybe time to re-address that??

  • Its always a good turnout with nice weather and there are some stunning cars there but mine is always the only MX-3.

    It's on tonight, PPl normally arrive about 7pm onwards and the pub is BOGOF on food and is generally a nice meal - gotta get there early though if you want food as it gets packed.


  • So where exactly is it? and what goes on there? How many people turn up?

    Are either of you two going down? we all live in the same area…..

    I'm from Mancot
    Diafol from Garden City
    Donna from broughton

  • I'm still in Bangor, havent moved to Northop Hall yet, waiting on completion date. Donna told me about it, I know she is going tonight.

  • yeh went tonight - quite a few cars there we got there about 7 ish and the car park was full

    it's junction 21/21a off the m6 mascrat manor the pub is called

    BOGOF on meals there and just a good japanese meet. a lot of supra's and evo's there few Rex's and a few Mx-5's - loads of others too but as i say only my mx-3

    its the 2nd monday of each month - i'd be happy to convoy down there if anyone else wants to go down next month

  • wow how mads that :lol:

    sorry to bring the topic back up

    yep, the meets held at mascrat manor in warrington, about 2 mins from my house, quite alot of us go down, im the only one with an MX3 from us, it hasn't been there yet though, im in touch with the organisers and can keep people informed is neccesary?? :wink:


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