Center console / stereo blanking panel

  • The head unit slot has a blank panel below, I measured the inside of it and its a perfect fit for another head unit, so I splashed some not very much cash on one of these

    its easy to fit, you need to connect it to the amp/ electric ariel out from the head unit, + and - and the stereo runs out into the back with standard audio leads then out into the amp in the boot and its all music based but looks ok when its running

    The blank panel seems to be fixed, does anyone know how that panel is held on so I do not have to strip the console apart to get in there or is this a job for the dremmel and I have to cut it out.

    I nearly bought a eunos once that had the proper panel fitted there but cant remember what it did mainly because my attention was taken under the car where I found huge metal plates welded on the bottom so badly the sills looked like saw blades to straighten out the massive side impact it must've had in japan.

    Anyway im waffling, anyone have clues about this ???

  • check out my project section on mine. I did same thing. At first i removed the blanking panel and fitted a flip up tv, then got bored of that and sold it for KLZE conversion. Ive got voltage and amps guages. Had amplifier running through ammeter and watched the power bounce up and down. Then sold all of amp and sub for more performance parts so ammeter does nothing now! will change dial for something more useful at some point.
    The blanking panel is heald in with small screws on the back side of the facia. You need to take stereo and bits of shifter cover to get the front part of console off. Its not that much of a mission.

  • excellent, thanks for your time, will have a crack at that asap


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