Airbag Warning Light

  • So during my last engine install I removed the under-hood front airbag crash sensors and harness running on top of the fender wells. Now the dash Airbag warning light blinks at me every 5 seconds and annoys the heck out of me.

    I would like to disable the airbag system completely if possible (maybe removing a simple fuse or relay??) but the 10A engine, 10A abs, and 80A main fuse seem to be integrated into the system. Any ideas??

    *The dash and steering wheel airbags are still in car and live so don't want to risk deploying them. :wink:

  • Remove the light from the dash, it is probably flashing a blink code at you.

    Are you not tempted to remove the rest of the system?

  • yeah. I'm currently working on the interior and fabricating a short shifter and custom center console so I may go ahead and remove the airbagsā€¦

    I guess my only concern was if the steering wheel and dash trim pieces would fit back securely and look stock, or if they relied on the units to secure to? The directions I've seen weren't too clear.

    Thanks for your help.

  • removeing that air bag and replaceing it with a momo from another car was in the first 6 mods i did to the car after beating the baffles out of the back box

  • I guess I will pull them out this weekend. By back baffles do you mean the muffler? haha

    yeah so far I've got full exhaust system, suspension, new engine, ported head, performance clutch, new fuel sending unit. Now that it's colder here I'm working on the interior.

    Thanks again for the info!

  • yeh that was back in the day of anything cheep and chearful before i could spend money agen got full powerflow not decat to back box with dule exit hehe


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