• Hi all,

    A few days ago I bought a '97 MX-3 with just 65k on the clock, after my Nissan 100nx got stolen and burnt out, I'd coveted owning a 3 for quite a while and I have to admit it's proving to every bit as fantastic as I expected!

    Only real problems are that theres a bit of paint needing touching up on the front bumper, the passenger side window switch doesn't move the window and thats it really.

    I need a new gearknob too, as the one on it is of erm…questionable taste. Is anyone on here breaking a 3 that I can buy the gearknob from? I have PayPal.


  • if they are breaking the car with a gear knob, why not see if they have the switch panel for the windows, its dead easy to fit and you will know if the switch has gone or if you have a fault elsewhere

  • i have just striped all my interior out of mine for racing so i have the window switches for sale also got a standard gear nob but the numbers have worn off pm me if your interested..

  • It seems the passenger window switch actually works! My bad… :oops:

    Jay, might get in touch with you about the knob soon, thanks.


  • Welcome to the site mate.

  • I probably won't need Marvin's gearknob, especially since I'll have two other cars that can donate theirs if required. I need to check it's not some wibbly special SE item (though if it is, Red will get it and then Red's gearknob will be going spare), but there'll be a stock spare here whatever.


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