Wheel pcd and et

  • Sorry guys,done a search but not found exact answer.If buying 2nd hand wheels what pcd do i need (think 4x100) and what et size can you go within? Am i right its 40? anything else i need to know? They are gonna be 17`s on a mx3 v6 not lowered yet.

  • What offset are the rims?

    What width are they?

    Are you going to lower the car?

    Just a note: Changing the overall diameter of your wheel will throw out your speedo.

  • Even if you drop the tyre profile?

    All sorted not will 17`s with 4x100pcd ,et40 205x40 on.Nice polished alloy wolfrace. Looks the nuts now lol

  • No, it only alters the speedo if you change the overall diameter of the wheel (tyres + rims).

    But to get round it you just get a digital speedo.

  • The factory wheels on my '98 v6 have '45' stamped on them… i take it this is the offset?



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