Compression Test… What do?

  • Hey guys, need to pick your brains.

    Finally got the chance to have a look at the car this weekend. Epic saga.

    Back three cylinders' compression is bad on my ze.

    What should I check first? I was going to check the timing alignment (assuming rear cam has slipped) then basically I'm into taking the engine apart to check the state of the cams.

    Here's the results -

    1 - 72
    2 - 180
    3 - 95
    4 - 185
    5 - 68
    6 - 185

    Cheers guys, and if I'm well off the mark let me know!

  • ahh bollocks, Unlucky dude!

    Any milky oil? Mayo on the cap? Oil loss? Coolant loss?

    Hopefully/probably have just slipped the belt, where you wheel hopping when it happened? Failing tensioner could do it. Seems unlikely the head gasket would be buggered across the 3 like that. Non interference at least :D

    It's all good fun eh? Sounds like you know what you're at :)

  • Excellent Marco, thanks.

    In my experience I wouldn't buy an engine from MPL Imports Oldham, near Manchester again…. After sales involves being told the 6 month guarantee only covers the head, block and sump, despite what you're told before you pay... Specifically that thorough testing has been done. I could go on...

  • that test looks bad :(

    Hopefully it is a tensioner thats gone and slipped a tooth and you havent damaged the valve stems from them clunking out of time into the piston heads.
    If it was the head gasket thats gone and affecting all 3 cylinders its would be very obvious, in a rare case it might have failed and not ruined it all.

    If it has run recently check the water header tank + inside the oil filler cap for the distinctive smell of exhaust fumes and the water tank would usually boil over.

    if it doesnt, then take the covers off and check the timing marks, they are very easy to see and just make sure they ALL line up with the dots perfectly,

    If they are nowhere near get a ratchet socket on the bottom crank pulley and turn the engine clockwise by hand until they do line up, the main crank pulley will have a mark on it and a big arrow shape cast in the metal above it looking down from the top, when thats in line the other 2 cam pulleys should be in line

  • It's non-interference! (Only bloody bit of luck I seem to have had!)

    No other leaks etc.

    Cheers, still feeling lucky!


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