Difference in headlights '90 > 98' ??

  • Looking around at front bumpers recently and some like the buddy club
    specify it requires 90' - 94' headlights to fit right.

    I assumed all mx-3 standard headlights were the same ??!!

  • OBD1 + OBD2?

    no difference cosmeticly, i think.

    Just different connectors for headlights (i'm guessing.)

  • There are basically 3 variations of mx-3 OEM headlamps for all 91-98 mx-3's:

    H4 bulb type + plastic lense (LHD and RHD variations)
    H4 bulb type + glass lense (LHD and RHD variations)
    9004 bulb type + plastic lense (US and Canada spec)

    there are also 2 different types of interior colors on the H4 style headlamps: chrome/silver or matte gray/white looking

    sometimes people also paint the H4 interior housings (as I have done with black) but the 9004 housings cannot be painted inside.


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