• on my 1.8 v6 i took the front rocker off to replace the rocker gasket today and noticed the little pipe that goes down towards the bottom end, what does it do as mine is full of old crusty oil i have got most of it out i think and i hit a hard bit i am assuming its the bottom end, can any one tell me what this little pipe does,

    ps its on the front rocker an the pipe is on the front

  • If you could get a pic up it would help alot.

    It maybe the crankcase breather.

    Hence why its full or carbon oil..

  • found a pic, if you look on marcos work log, in the first lot of pics he has a pic of the head of his ZE if you look at the top of the head the way the pic is, you can see the pipe in that pic,

  • That will be a breather into the crank case or thats the pipe that fires the oil up from the pump into the head to lube it.
    If its blocked like that then sounds like someone in the past has run it for a long time without an oil change, it might be worth getting it sorted with an engine flush and a full oil and filter change so that crap that is floating around inside does not cause any damage or clog up the other head breather.

  • im gonna treat it asap just want to know for future refference if it a breather or a supply


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