• I mentioned in a post about fly eye tinting I did on my MX and I have had a few PM's on where to get it.

    Its basically a stick on sign writers vinyl that is punched with thousands of tiny holes so its a sticky mesh that you put over the lights on the outside, it took me 45 minutes to do all my lights including headlights and it is MOT legal as it does not affect the beam pattern.

    The instruction video is easy to follow and if you are careful you can get all the lights done on an mx3 with one sheet, only downside is that if you get t-cut or similar white polish it does sit in the holes if you arent careful.

    The finished result looks good, I have it on the green car in the signature picture below

    Its available in any colour so it can match your car or just go for black
    Its £13 for black or £15 for any other colour
    available from here


  • i googled it and went to the site however there are two types of black, one light and one dark lablled as 1 and 2…. very confusing as it doesnt say which is which. think i will just buy from e-bizzle

  • its not TOO hard to differentiate between the two though ey!

    Im very temped by the yellow now! Might go for the Euro yellow headlight look

  • looks good thanks for posting 8)

  • mmm, bumped up version of tights round the lights?

  • how are your tail lights tinted? I tried to use standard tint but the contour of the lenses and the raised lettering proved more of a headache than I want to deal with right now. thanks

  • i sanded mine down with fine paper, degreased and then added 10 lite layers of tint or you could do 2 or 3 thick coates

  • Do you have a close up of how your headlights look please marco?

  • I've always liked the look of your headlights so I went and bought some of the darker stuff as soon as you posted this thread :D
    hope you don't mind me flat out copying your awesome lights :D lol

  • Copy away, I did all my lights with one sheet, just start on the big first also then stick in some xenon bulbs coz it does make them a bit dimmer with standards in

    And a couple of close ups :)

  • nice m8, didi you do the side reapeters aswell???

    and i want that bonnet…..please send details

    nice looking car mukka

  • Hiya, 1 sheet did all lights and I had enough left just to do the fog lights too but did not bother in the end.
    The bonnet is a single sheet of carbon fibre vinyl, cost £45 from germany it is the only place that does it in large enough sheets to do in one hit, took 3 hours to fit because all the lacquer peeled off last summer so used the vinyl to cover it.

  • do you have a link to this website for the bonnet stuff, and also could you send me a high resolution pic of it close up, would be much appreciated


    cheers m8


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