Manifold questions

  • guys i need to upgrade my manifold! going mad here!

    have a custom made straight through exhaust
    2.5 inches the whole way from manifold to back box wich is a performance mx3 back box which has a 2.5 inch bore but im not fitting it till i get a manifold cos the system will only give me 8-12 bhp gain but with a 4,2,1 manifold
    that should give me about 25-30 break on top of the 8-12 for the back setup.

    problem is nowhere can i find one for the 1.5 jap model.
    i would take it off whatever has the same one! weather it be the V6 or the mx5 jsut need one new or second hand i dont care i have the gear to lazer clean the manifold anyway!

  • Get the guys who made your exhaust to make you one up.

    You can't buy em off the shelf as far as I know.

  • i dont have the skill with a welder to make one! me and a m8 did the piping!

  • Have you got a stock naturally aspirated 1.5?

    If so I don't see you getting a 25 bhp gain from it.

    Probably best to spend your money elsewhere, but it would sound much better. :D

    Breathing mods work best with other mods that increase fuelling, like CAMS etc, helping you get the most out of them.


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