• Cool cars, diggin the white rims!

    I stumbled across those AIT YOS skirts off ebay, and then saw the postage price :o

    They look very cool if there the same ones?!

  • Right thought I would get my teeth into the Equipe this week as its been stood doing nothing for 3 months since I fitted new cambelt and water pump in january as I have nearly finished fitting out my speedboat for the summer.

    This Week I have…......
    Purchased a 4" jap style rear box
    New filters for the new induction kit and oil breathers
    Chrome paint for the OEM alloys
    Bought a new radiator with 2 fans fitted instead of just the one standard

    I spent an evening and painted the engine as pictured below.

    This weekend is the big one, exhaust fitted, new front discs + pads new radiator going in, new abs sensors plus new filters and mushroom filter on the induction kit, fit LED and Xenomn bulbs all round and the fly eye on the lights then its an MOT wednesday.
    PLUS the EQUIPE is being featured in a promotional film for a cleaning company who are using it as a demo vehicle for their website for its car valeting section as the seats are white velour and filthy and makes an ideal demo car

    also a new drive shaft, cv joint and wheel bearing going in the green one too

  • Lookin good bud :)

    What paint did you use for it?

  • Very high temperature enamel at £3.99 a tin
    used half of each tin on there

  • looks great, like the rad holder

  • Looks goodl! :)

  • Engine bay looking good. How much was the chrome paint for wheels?? Not really heard of a really good chrome paint available TBH, the ones that give quite a good finish are alot of work to do so and very expensive, still I gather you are getting car all tarted up for japfest, will cast my beady eyes over chromed wheels when done and give my honest opinion if you don't mind, Just interested being a paint sprayer LOL :wink:

  • Had a very productive day today on the the Equipe

    New radiator fitted and working
    New jap dome air filter fitted and custom made a mount for induction kit
    Removed ALL brake components on all 4 corners, run them all over with a large wire wheel on a grinder, painted fronts, new pads all round and new pin kits fitted to fronts, drained system and fresh new brake fluid.
    Fitted Brand New expensive exhaust rear box.
    De Badged and replaced with mazdaspeed and a halfords V6 badge on rear( on offer - sorry !!)
    Removed Boot trim and tightened down rear spoiler
    Fly eyed rear lights.
    New number plates all round with chrome mounts for a bit of bling

    Quite happy with the way its going heres some pics, I am also doing a drive shaft soon on the green one and will do a photo log on how to do it

  • Nice, its all coming together for Japfest :D

  • Another Update, now got a specialist marine valeter to have a go at properly cutting away the scratches in the paint, as long as they arent into the undercoat he can make them vanish so that is booked for next week, have also found a local training center who does courses for car dent removal and found like all training colleges they need things to practice on so for £100 I can have a group of students remove the 40-50 car park dents the Equipe has got in its sides and only go without the car for a week.

  • All brakes now fitted and fully reconditioned plus new pads all round, the new exhaust is fitted and sounds amazing, well worth the extra £20 for the larger bore. :lol:

    Had the old problem of the rear number plate lights hanging out because the mount had rusted away and came up with this idea that has saved ££££ to get it MOT worthy because mazda want £85 for that piece of metal :shock: :shock:

    A pair of white LED windscreen washer jets fitted to a white piece of plastic window facia, cut to size and the wahsers were easy to fit with a drill, gives the back end that distinctive led white glow to light the plate up. :D

    Now found the radiator fan has packed up so need to sort that before MOT next week, if anyone has one I am very interested :(

    some bonehead at work decided to spray his yacht himself without tenting it and has covered 6 cars including mine with white epoxy based over spray, he tried in vain to wash it off conventially and failed miserably so next week I now get a free full valet to professionally remove the paint which has been quoted at £120 a car, so will be sparkling in time for japfest :D :D :D :D

  • Nice idea on teh light plate, might have to copy it as mine hangs down and flaps around lol

  • Thought it was time the green machine had some loving so this week I stripped and have reconditioned the OEM alloys that came with the green car with a base coat, top coat and 2 layers of lacquer and will be fitting some tyres I have in the shed onto them during the week as the green car will get her original shoes back and the BBS 5 spokes she has now will be going onto the Equipe while the 5 Star OEMs that are on that now are reconditioned for Japfest in 3 weeks.

    Equipe is also having an MOT next wednesday so fingers crossed but she seems all good after the loving my wallet has given her in april.
    Then its a full £120 Valet beginning of May with a special new treatment that is a type of putty that is massaged all over the body work that makes it feel like the paint is made of silk 8) 8) 8)

    The wheels are starting to look glam (and I love white alloys)

  • Project equipe is cracking along now
    Up to date….
    Old OEM alloys temporarily fitted while the Equipe alloys get refurbed for japfest, just realised tyres I have had fitted are 50 on the sidewall not 55's, will have to sell them now or lower it to make them fit
    I have started custom building the sound system by boarding out the boot, today I have carpeted all panels in rear and have all items ready to fit next weekend or after work, the boot has 3 holes, top 2 are ports and the bottom larger one is for the sub, the speakers will be hidden under the mazda trim in the standard holes so they do not stand out as being filled out, everything else will be hidden under the boarding just so I can have a boot in this one instead of a horrible box
    To get the sounds going inside I have all this purchased for install

    1 x 1.2 farad capacitor
    1 x 600w 4 channel fusion amp
    2 x 300w 3 way crossovers
    2 x 100w tweeters
    2 x 150w mid range
    2 x 400w 8" splx subs
    2 x 200w fli door speakers

    That should get it rolling inside

  • Looking well! Is the equipe a keeper? :)

  • equipe is staying and the green one is going

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