And it still starts

  • some of you guys may remember that i stopped driving my mx3 about 2 years ago. got myself a nice ktm and have been playing on that so the 3 has taken a back seat. last time it was started was about 6 months ago. so i was sitting here thinking that i want to get it back on the road for some slow fun.

    so it needs tax and mot.

    i had a look around the car and found tyres were flat, brakes rusty and cobwebs all around the engine.

    i sat inside and put the key in turned it on and it started first time!!! no problem there then. yay so as i had it on and running i got my lecy airpump out and stuffed some air in the tyres and they are still up.

    so i think its looking good for the mot. not bad really when you think its not been on the road for a bit.

  • wooo good luck

  • yay hi bud hows it going?

    got the mot booked for tuesday afternoon, so hope it passes. from the looks of things it should be ok

  • well had the mot today and it failed.

    failed on two snapped front springs and rear discs being pitted.

    so im off to ebay to buy some lowering springs and brakes.

  • o right not to bad then if your lowering get 40mm not 45s as i had 45nocking and banging

  • ive got my eye on some 40mm's that look the business. how easy is it to change the 4 springs? what am i likely to come across or need?

  • on the mx its prity easy stuf wd40 socket set with a big bar plires and a screwdriver o and spring compressers i changed my mates rear springs the other day in hour and 45 mins

  • cool just need the compressors then. :D
    glad it wont take too long as it a tad chilly out there…..b


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