Manual Steering Rack?

  • As far as I know all mx-3s were power steering. Guys in the US get to use 323 BG 90-94 steering racks… But they're LHD

    So does anyone know if there are any RHD manual steering rack compatible?

  • Im sure they don't just use a different steering racks for different countries as it would not make economical sense it is probably just a case of flipping them upside down to fit the RHD cars.

    I am pretty sure these use the exact same rack in the 323 so you will find they have a manual rack on basic models you can chuck straight in.

  • I think DJ is right 323 have a manual option, these should fit.


  • They do indeed use the same rack BUT I've posted on a month ago and noone knows of a manual 323 BG in the UK as yet.

    With regards to flipping, I had that idea but then saw this:

    This is a LHD rack, you can see if you flipped it the pinion would point away from the firewall as it is angled inwards for LHD.

    My best lead so far is that I guy converting a 323 BG to RHD in USA was sourcing a RHD manual rack, so they are out there! Maybe quite rare or a NZ/JDM/AUS part…

  • There are 4 323's Mk1 + coupe + sport + Mk2 323f the earlier ones I am sure had non assisted steering on the base models.

    Is it true the 323 V6 is a standard MX engine bored to 2.0l with the 2.5 ancillaries fitted, anyone tried this conversion before ???

  • don't you guys have the lantis over there? or astinas? those I believe are the same as the 323's…

  • We have the 323 in 4 varieties, you may be able to get a non power rack in southern ireland as they have some versions not available here in the UK, notably the NEO that has a clear perspex tailgate.


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