Steering related knocking :(

  • Hi,

    After a couple of weeks of driving i have finally found a slight problem with an otherwise perfect (fingers crossed!) car!

    When i am pulling out of a parking space or manoeuvring around car parks the power steering just doesnt work! As a result of this there is now a whining noise and a slight knocking from the drivers side wheel.

    Anyone know what this could be so i am armed with some knowledge before it goes to the garage!

    Cheers. Henry

  • Probably the belt slipping.

  • Cool, or not so cool!

    Is that jus a new belt job then?

  • maybe the juice is low

  • all the belts on an MX3 are flat type, while its not running look at the side with the grooves in it on the belt, if its full of cracks + perished its time to replace, sounds like if its working while you're driving and not while its on tick over, most common cause is slack belts.
    Check the oil level in the power steering, thats the white bottle at the front above the drivers side wheel, should see a mark or about 3/4 full.
    If its all gone, most common place for MX3's to lose the power steering fluid is the join from rubber to metal pipe on the left side of the engine, its very tight and you may not see it at all but I have done 3 now with that leak


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