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  • Hello, I am new here and about to acquire my first MX-3. It is due for its 60K service which Mazda have quoted me £720 for + £600 for a clutch (Which technically would make the car a write off :D ). This sounded a 'little' ambitious so I thought I would ask if any one knows of a garage near West London that can do a through job on a full 60K service at a more realistic price.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Can anyone comment what jobs would need doing on the 60K?

  • 60k is about major service time so its worth doing the lot especially if you intend keeping it for a while, in southampton a major service would be about £300 and the clutch I know I have had one done would be £350 but london prices are higher, got any friends or family outside london, stay with them and book it in for a couple days

    Sounds like typical mazda prices probably charging about £90 per hour

    For a major service, buy everything you need yourself because most people will add 25% on for buying for you, search the net + ebay

    Plugs - 6 x NGK 4 spark plugs £25
    Cambelt £35 ish
    Leads £60
    OIL filter £8
    Fuel Filter £12
    OIL - 5l - £25
    Water pump - £40

    Buy it all yourself then book a mobile mechanic to do it for you then its all labour and independants with no overheads charge less than a garage and a lot less than a dealer probably £30-40 an hour but get a deal out of him and make him price it and stick to the price beforehand,
    I did a cambelt over christmas and all the marks are easily visible and the whole thing should take 10 hours for the full service + cambelt on your own with reasonable car knowledge.

    I have posted in the general section the workshop manual so you can check out how easy it is to do the basics if you want to save more money


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