Urgent help needed

  • rite, done the clutch. put it all back together,
    can shift through the box fine with engine off!
    turn her on put the clutch down and it wont go in to ANY gear at all
    but if you put it in gear start it with clutch down, and you can get the biteing point.


    clutch is fine no air at all
    i have removed starter and when the clutch is pressed you can see the pressure plate moving will the springey bits

    any ideas guys

  • Whats the pedal feel like? same as before?
    Deff got no fluid leaks?

    If it goes into gear when off but not when on then the Clutch is deff the problem.

    Have a look at your old clutch and see if the splines on the friction plate stick out the same on both sides, on some cars they don't and its easy to get them the wrong way round. Can't remember about mx'3 ones.

    Did you buy a kit or just the friction plate?

  • got a compleat kit,
    no leaks at all pedel is better just not breaking the clutch enough i think
    maybe the clutch its self is in the wrong way around

  • Is the release bearing the right way round?

    Is the Friction plate the right way round?

    Can't see what else could go wrong…

  • rite spent a 2 hours on it earlier and looks like the clutch plate was in wrrong, twats never put a marker on one side so with some luck it should be gd to mo


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