Seals (Windscreen, Door, sunroof)

  • 1st off sorry if this is in the wrong area,

    Anyone know where these can be picked up new? (Except Mazda ofc)

    Mines had a cheep ass respray done by one of the pre-owners and it looks like they sprayed the seals causing them to warp.

    Also, the sunroof when open is missing a large chunk of the front lisp (Rusted away) was going to rebuild with with a sheet of ali welded on then filed to smooth or just use Eproxy metel and build it back up in stages?

  • Ask Rs Roadkilla, I know he bought some from somewhere. I'm sure I remember they were £75 for a full set of seals.

    He's not on here much (sold his mx3) but you can get hold of him through the email on Teamshock website.

    What price did Mazda want, its supprising how cheap some bits can be, and if its something they don't sell many off don't be afraid to haggle.

  • Thanks and will do!

    I havn't tried mazda yet, Havin time off for xmas as givin me time to look over the car and make a list… a long ass list of things I dislike and want replaced.

    I'll give mazda Wovo a call when there open again on the 4th and get prices and post em up!


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