Clutch help

  • just done my clutch on the v6, 1.8
    and when i push the pedel down their is no resistance so bleed the cylinder up. but still got nothing it will not go in to gear with the engine running and the clutch down!!!
    anyone got any ideas
    and it doews not look like the cylinder is leaking either no splits in the rubber nothing

  • forget the throwout bearing? :lol:

    bad line
    bad slave
    bad master

    Bleeding can be pretty stubborn, you using a one man bleeder kit or a mate helping?

  • i have got a mate helping with the bleeding we are not getting any air out at all! the slave seams ok going back and forth like it should, sounds like a sligth tapping noise coming from the master clutch cylinder,
    just getting annoying now spent a gd long day doin the clutch in the snow now this


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