Thermostat Replacement

  • Hi everyone, just joined great site!

    I got a new thermostat kit from Probestore and it is not the exact same as the one i have removed. It doesn't have the wee jingley nipple on it and the rubber gasket actually protudes out like it acts as a gasket when joining the cover and housing together. Any ideas if this is still ok to put on.

    Its maybe a bit late now, as i was putting it on i was torqing up the bolts to 24nm and the bloody cover broke. So this brings me to the question is it the right one?

    The last one had a gasket that fitted flush within the housing. Then there was the flat paper like gasket used to close cover and housing.

    Any info would be much appreciated.

    Andy :?

  • If you could stick a couple of pics up bud might help us out a bit, the jiggle pi is fitted to aid in the bleeding of the system as it allows air past while the stat is shut. :D


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