Exhaust & Quick Once Over

  • First Part:

    Would like to give my 1.8 a new bit of fresh air, is there anything I can add to this list thats cheepish (Given teh month you can understand)

    Replaced the Plugs.
    HT's have been ordered.
    Oil change is booked in for Friday

    Anything else advised?

    Other thing is.
    A (Younger driver who likes noise) had the car before me, and put a biskit tin on the exhaust so it just drowns everything out (3") after 30 mins of driving I can't hear anything but the exhaust and it's begining to grind me down to lower revs due to the noise.

    I'd like it to make a little rawr at higher revs but not window shaking, can anyone advise one?

    Thanks in advance.

  • my advice is, go for a decent induction kit, it makes a sweeeeet noise when you put your foot down but is quiet mostly, quieter exhaust too. should do it.

  • As for the exhaust noise, you could ask a local garage to make you a baffle plate theta fits in the end.

    Very easy to do, or make one yourself.

    Cut a 3 inch diameter circle out of sheet metal or stainless, and then cut a 1 and half inch - 2 inch hole in the middle. Drill the exhaust tip and weld a nut to it. It will reduce the noise but still enable the car to breath. I used to use them for driving to and from track days with sill loud exhausts on.

    You can then remove when noise is required… upsetting neighbours etc.

  • baffle plate sounds good till I can get a better one, Thanks for teh advice bud.

    I'll see what my local car man can come up with.

  • Just get a standard backbox from a local scrappy, someone on ebay will buy your loud backbox for more than the cost.

    Or try swapping with someone on here.

    Post up some pics.

  • Buying one on the 3rd from barrywhite21 off here,

    Is a pic of the rear of car with the stupid bizkit tin on the back end, Drives me nuts!


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