Things to do when you buy a mx3

  • im posting this to start a modding topic for the people new to the mx3 (like me). i know there isnt many people using this site but i think there is people who know lots about our cars. i have just got myself a red 1.8 v6 1993. but general mx3 info would be great. from experience with my last car (vauxhall cavalier sri mk3) there are things which go wrong and can be unnoticed.

    what i want to know….
    1. what things do i need to look out for? common faults?
    2. basic mods for the v6?
    3. which types of engine do the mx3 come in (k8, etc)
    4. anything of interest


  • POI… the touch button on interior side of the doors is to earth yourself...

    Due to the driving position and ride height of the car, it creats a lot of static build up in your body... hence why the touch button is there! T oearth yourself when you get out the car!!!

    Thats a question that comes up a lot of times on various mazda forums! :P

    Other than that, i dont really know much about it... unless you want to know about aftermarket body styling parts! lol

  • @f6f7e2b765=rsroadkilla:

    unless you want to know about aftermarket body styling parts! lol

    well i do need a new front bumper because it dosnt line up with the headlights that well. there is a small gap. is there much room for movement if i loosen it off, is it fixable. the paint isnt very good either so its gotta come off at some time.

  • dependin on how well the car has been looked after, it can be easy or an absolute arse…

    If the screws that hold the bumper on are rusty, i would leave it until you are ready to paint it, as they always snap, round off and are just generally ghey!!! Like mine were :evil:

    The reason its dropped, is probably due to over time, the plastic mounting points on the bumper have flexed...

    Not really much you can do about it, other than try and make some of your own mounting points...


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