Irish track tramp

  • She is a 93 mx3 was orginally a 1.8v6 . I got her to turn her into a track tramp

    Anyway, Im planning on doing this on tight a budget as I can and will try to put my progress on here.

    The plan is to:

    1. Get rid of the exhaust and fit a straight through pipe - done

    2. Brakes are in bits so new pads,discs,change the fluid and maybe some braided hoses - got parts but not fited

    3. Make up some cold air induction with the filter in the bumper or something- done, well almost

    4. She is fully stripped out already but im gonna try to take more weight off her- more a less done

    5. Possible future suspension work (springs ) Fit some upper/lower braces.

    6. The tappets are very noisy so change the oil & filter - should i go for lighter or heavier oil? - done

    7)Find and fit some buckets seats, fit a fire extinguiser, get a helmet

    1. Fit an oil catch can

    9)Clean and paint up the alloys, new tires maybe for the front

    1. Maybe fit a snap off steering wheel and fuel cut off ( no idea how to fit that) to lessin the chance of it been robbed from where she is parked

    11)fit a short shifter if I can pick one up cheap enough

    1. If all goes well get a cage but I think the cost of it would not be worth it

    If anyone has any parts that i have listed above id be interested in getttin them, also any other advise would be most appreciated.

    Induction kit fitted, will be doing a cold air on her next

    few more bits to go on her

    Quick video of her, hear the noisy tappets

  • sounds nice mate, good job so far. keep up the good work 8)

  • Nice post, good work there, you will enjoy the end result.

  • yeah sounds nice :D Thats where I have put my air filter too, tell me wheres your header tank gone now? Could not see it in photo

  • @a79b8c35fc=mx3gulf:

    yeah sounds nice :D Thats where I have put my air filter too, tell me wheres your header tank gone now? Could not see it in photo

    Its gone in the bin! its only an overflow for coolant so the pipe is just hangin down ( thanks to Rob on here :) )

    The cold air is done with a second hand civic intake which was cut up and piping from a AE111 Levin. Its a little rough but should do the job as I can bring it in further for those wet days :)

    Love the work done on the Gulf :)
    Any other ideas I can do to her? picking up set of sparco sets and harness at the weekend.

    Il be running oem front and back discs and yellow stuff on the front and oem on the back

    might have sourced a new exedy clutch kit for cheapo (brand new) would it be worth the fit?

  • Thanks :D

    If you have sourced one cheap, then its definately worth buying, if your current clutch is fine though, personally I would stick with that, if you want to change it then do it! Big job though! One other cheap mod you could do is relocate the battery to the rear of the car.

    Keep your eyes pealed on this site, should have some pics and videos of my track day at brands coming up soon

  • i can get it for about 100 euro or so? might pick it up if i can get it cheaper :)

  • ok im thinking of picking up the exedy clutch kit tonight, getting in very cheap, is it worth getting? what the advantage of having it?

  • Is it a sports clutch or standard?? Think mechanic had a exedy clutch on his (then :( ) ZE MX3, maybe he could tell you benefits of one, I am only running a standard clutch on my ZE :shock: But She drives good :D

  • the code is mzk2014 for the exedy clutch, I cant find anywhere if it is just oem or aftermarket?

  • Tried looking for you too mate, I found the irish advert with your name in! LOL Had a look on (american site) they have mx3 exedy clutches on there but the trouble is the part numbers will be different to european, so again no joy there :( Does the seller not know whether it is OEM or not then????

  • not going ahead with the exedy clutch as the one for sale is for 1.6

  • The exedys are OEM as far I know. You can use the mx6/probe/xedos9 clutch though as it has an extra 10mm or so of material, so it's kind of an upgrade. They tend to hold a ZE ok. Unsprung ACT disc (same as RX7 fc 1.3 NA) with stock pressure plate is very popular. It's been holding boosted mxs over 300WHP!

  • Did a clutch on a KLDE probe this morning. It had a nippon clutch in it, when i order a blueprint one it was a nippon boxed up.

  • dont get ya mechanic? did get the clutch, check with Exedy and its for a 1.6 :(

    got these though

  • @a50dd618e8=simonmcf:

    dont get ya mechanic? did get the clutch, check with Exedy and its for a 1.6 :(

    I was just saying in response to Marco that i changed one in a V6 probe yesterday and it was fitted with a nippon clutch, pretty sure it hadn't had one before. :?

    Wasn't disputing that the one you were looking at wasn't for a 1.6 lol

  • Ah right, was not sure what ya meant?

    I think the straight through is gonna be too loud, ideas how I can quiten it down?

    Got these the other day in the post - cheers so ROC here

  • Whiped out the exhaust and put this in, need to do a little bending though to get it to sit right. I got a shiney can off RoxX1r so that will be eventully goin on to tidy it up and quiten it a little

    Short vid sound clip

    Home made cold air, does the job and can quicly pull it back up into the bay via a jublie

    Started to fit my yellow stuff and ended up goin a little mad

    Then the body work started

    Over the past few days I have done a few little jobs like cleaning the inside, fitting fire extinguisher and getting the buckets in. I plan to spray on Wednesday weather permitting

    I am always on the look for new parts so if you think you may have something give me a shout. We be KLZE'd during the summer

    If ya have anything to add please do

  • been a few months since I updated this

    Basically just painted her up and fitted my buckets and harness and bleeded the brakes and done bit more work on the s/s exhaust. Also picked up a cheap trailer to pull her on

    I am on the look out for a quick shifter and will probably do a engine transplant over the summer if I can find an engine for the right price.

  • Nice 8)


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