1992 MX-3 KLZE Project

  • This is my second Mx. I'ts an US-model.

    Got a nice delivery today:

    I also have bought Headers and new Exedy clutch. Awaiting probinatorchip.
    Will add more info later. Its soon time for football, Denmark-Sweden.. :P

  • Finished the swap today and took it for a drive. It runs really crap. Extremely slow. Im not ironic now. It has good idle though. KL36 ECU. Could the ECU be faulty? Have to switch back to K801 tommorow to check. Gonna pull some codes too. Maybe the timing is way off. Doesnt the ECU adjust that automatically? Have to investigate tommorow. :?

  • Thats bad news :( Keep us posted, don't think ECU adjusts timing, if timing was out, I don't think car would start either, like you said pull the codes and try original ecu…............................

  • I'd pull the timing belt covers back and recheck the marks are all lined up and at the crank too.

    The ECU changes spark timing but obviously can't change the belt timing between the cams and the crank.

    Pulling codes is a good idea too. ECUs generally don't fail too often.

  • I take it the car is OBD1 not II?

    If its obdII be prepared for headaches!

  • Its OBD1. Drove 60km today to get it to a workshop(with k801 ecu). Very strangely i dont get any codes. I jump ten-gnd but the CEL-light dont flash or anything it just stays on when I turn the key to on position. :?:

    The idle is not very good either anymore. It jumps up and down and is very low sometimes. Its running very very rich. And it sounds very loud too. The biggest problem is that it is so slow.

    After reading around on probetalk and your suggestion Marco it may be so that the timing belt have slipped a tooth.

  • If the timing marks all check out fine its also giving the signs of a poor electrical feed to a sensor
    I had one once that showed nothing at all with codes but ran like a heap of hot horse sh*t, it drank fuel had half its usual power
    Turned out to be a broken wire inside the cable case for the lambda sensor
    Put a new one in and it was back to normal.
    If that engine was delivered by courier like TNT they may have put stuff on top of it and damaged a wire without you even knowing

    It's running perfect now! WOW, it's fast! It feels damn good, have been waiting for this for 3 years now… 8)

    I'd pulled the covers and let my mechanic have a look at it. I suggested the timing belt may have been misaligned and he said no no, it cant be. But you'l never now with him , he is a bit sneaky. He said it was the crank sensor not giving a signal but i guees the belt could have benn wrong too. The main thing is that its working now.. :)

  • Excellent!!! :D

  • Here is a little list of what is done so far:

    Ebay headers
    2.5" exhaust
    Exedy clutch
    Gearbox and flywheel from K8
    KL36 ECU (looking for a chipable K8 ECU)
    NGK vpower spark plugs
    Some ebay (Vision) wires

    Ebay black projectors
    Clear bumper lights
    Altezza tail lights
    17" Dotz Brands Hatch Dark

    Next on the list is to order a few things from the superb site fordprobestore. I need 2 new strut mounts rear. Will change oil to fully synthetic 5w-30. Have to replace power steering pipes too. Then i will fit 40mm lowering springs.

    Also have this: along with some epoxi. This is 3m2 and its gonna be a new bonnet.

    I was lucky to get a Mazdaspeed bumper and its going on togther with some not yet decided sideskirts. The car is gonna be painted in some kind of white, or maybe matt black.

    And a pic of my dear last Mx:

  • Ordered these today:

    Now i have all the parts for the exterior, soon time to start with the bodywork… 8)

  • I've pulled some codes too (LED-method).

    Got #03, 41 and 46

    03- Crankshaft Position Sensor Failure
    41- VRIS #1 solenoid
    46- VRIS #2 solenoid

    Must check if the solenoids are bad or if there is a vacuum leak somewhere.
    As for Code 03 the only solution seems to be to change disty?

    "When Code 3 is present, the PCME stops firing the fuel injectors in sequential mode and instead fires them in a "batch" mode since the PCME does not have any way to know where TDC on #1 is. This results in a slight loss of power and a lowering of the engine's fuel economy "

    I have some kind of HEI-mod on the car, but it does not look like the usual mod…

    Anyone seen this before?

    Been working a little on the hood too…

    6 layers 450g/m2 + dyvinicell. Need to wet sand and polish the mold, then its ready for the carbon fibre.

    And for those who wonder… The OEM hood weighs in at ~14 kg 8)

  • I love how you casually said you ordered some of the most rare sideskirts for the mx-3 :D

  • @a0bb0cd704=unclegreg:

    Ordered these today:

    Now i have all the parts for the exterior, soon time to start with the bodywork… 8)

    Where from im looking for some too.

    Drop me a sneaky PM hehe :wink:

  • Quick update… I thought it was a bit tired and sometimes, mostly when turning, when you hit the gas nothing happens for 2-3 seconds, then all throttle comes at once. So I decided to change fuel pump. Ordered wrong one though, a Walbro 255 LPH High Pressure. But I installed it and..... what a differance! Feels like a new engine now! I know my stock FPR does not gonna last forever but for now this is very good.

  • Sorry for the poor quality will take some pictures with a real camera (not a bad SE-phone) someday in the future.

  • Also need to give it a real good clean.. :P

  • looks great nice motor

  • Really lovin this one!
    what size tyre & wheel combo you got there?

  • Can anybody nick those sides for me? :lol: :twisted:


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