Help needed klze/klde conversion

  • hi guys just putting the feelers out there to see if anyone would be willing to help me put a klze or klde depending on which i get in my mx3. currently have 1.8 v6 1992.

    hopefully someone that has done it to their already.

    i am willing to pay cashmoney

  • Is your car OBDI?

    Where are you in cheshire?

  • well its a k reg so i think thats 1993. how do i find out for sure?

  • yes in cheshire, cw12 4bu

  • @c7502d77ba=barrywhite21:

    well its a k reg so i think thats 1993. how do i find out for sure?

    I bet you a fiver it's OBDI

  • Yeah that will be OBDI, your about 50 mins from me. I'm not far from chester.

  • well i have been speaking to jay1987 about a KLDE he has in bits, he will rebuild it for me, but im not sure sbout rebuilt engines. he could fix it up for a few hunderd quid for me, as well as other bits thinks he could get it up to 180 bhp.

  • @96a651eeb2=barrywhite21:

    thinks he could get it up to 180 bhp.

    Dream on, mine makes 160bhp with cai, decat and exhaust and another low milage DE that was at the rolling road day made 170 with full stainless exhaust and CAI. You'd need a very low mile engine and some serious work to get close to 180.

  • well he says it will be like a new engine with new bearings, tensioners etc replaced, plus he could port polish the heads and lighten the flywheell but its probably not worth doing the swap unless i can get a KLZE then, just for the extra power.

    Also im concerned about rebuilt engines i know people that have had bad experiences.

    Anyone had engines rebuilt and no problems

  • de could get close to 180 bhp at the crank if its rebuilt proeprly but theres no way u would get it 180 just by rebuilding u would need headers exhaust induction kit. ht leads and plugs and a bigger throttle body. that wot i got on mine and it pushed it up to around 210-215 bhp so u could get it close.

  • 210bhp, from a DE with bolt on mods? no way.

    Theres lads with 10 years experience of probes, with ZE engines, bored TB's, all the bolt ons you can do (FPR, headers, cai, exhaust, TB etc etc) only making 200ish.

    A KLDE is 164-168bhp stock so adding 50bhp with bolt ons and even a rebuild isnt gonna happen. I've seen 6 mx6's at rolling road sessions and even the top KLZE boys only made 180bhp, and there was 2 of them (179 and 180bhp).

    Problem is, without a dyno sheet you can quote figures all day and people will believe it. Hell, when people drive my car they think its got 200+ because of the "way" it drives and delivers it, but it only has 160bhp

  • my engine is ze im just saying with all those mods it pushed the bhp up around 10-15bhp so if he did something similar to his de the results would be the same i imagine

  • how is it that my mate has a b16a2 fully rebuilt, fully machined, powerflow exhaust with a good remap pushing 190+

    u get the power gains from machining ie rebuilt heads, matched intakes etc and a spot on remap all these chips and piggyback managments are crap!

    my mates build engines for a living..look up scholar engines!

    and myself am doing motorsport engineering and have mapped m3's on a engine cell and set em up according to track telemetry

  • btw i ment de bottem end and ze head n intake etc

    a hybrid for betta torque curve and power gains and for boosting as high comp isnt gud ! cheapeset way unless u wana get low comp pistons etc

    sorry for confusion jay :D

  • low comp Hybrids are the way to go with these engines, especially if you are going to boost later. A good one SHOULD make about 190 so theres nothing wrong with that, all i'm saying is that to get 180 out of a DE you're gonna need a lot of work, bolt ons and luck.

  • come on guys were all friends here… lol

  • I know, if we werent i'd be claiming 250 bhp was possible with an Ebay chip and running a mile. Just giving my opinion on it based on 6 years working on mx6's (i've had 12 of them!)

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  • how bout them electric superchargers ! :wink:

  • 12 mx6's thats a lot, is that a bad or a good thing…...

    take it you drive them hard


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