My journey ends here… (NOW BREAKING)

  • Like the title says i got the worst possible news when my car went into the garage yesterday for some work on the brakes an a service an whatnot. She needs some welding work underneath and its not the smallest of jobs so i think its time to part company with my baby, ive owned here for about 7 years now i think an im still in love with her. Its totally broken my heart to think i need to look for a new car but i dont have the time for it to be off the road for the repair works.

    I will prolly sell her for spares n repairs if some1 is interested in a whole parts car in northern ireland, failing that i will try and break her. This wont happen straight away but if any1 is looking for anything feel free to email me an i can see what i can do.

    Parts worth noting that people may be interested in:-

    K8 145k with full mazda service record (stamp book is full and off back cover)
    -PRM intake, alloy pipe and red silicon to make a full CAI.
    -rear 3rd brake light and garnish.
    -18" silver Wolfrace Ikon Plus rims (just been refurbed an painted.. No Tires
    -Brand new unfitted greenstuff pads for front discs.
    -Speedhut HVAC Indiglo Panel.
    -SRD Battery Tie Bar.

    The body was resprayed standard red about 4 years ago so is still in damn fine condition and things like the spoiler that are usually faded are still gleaming and shiny.

    Mods feel free to move this if theres a better section

    My email is and im in Tyrone. i can ofc ship any smaller items but im not wrapping a door or a seat and would prefer to sell the car on as a whole if some wants a project since the car has allot of good mods on it including full stainless powerflow exhaust, SS brake lines and slotted/drilled brembo discs.

    Thanks guys..
    Pedro :(

  • Fuuuuuuu….

    That sucks man. Might take some bits off you if you end up breaking. Such a shame when it looks so well! What bits are rotten then? What you planning to get now?

  • usual shit really, sills have gone in a couple of places, an a bit of the floor. its not huge work but its work i really cant afford, i work 60 miles away so i need a car that i can use, an it will need to be off the road for time that i cant afford.

    looking a Supras and GTOs atm, leaning towards the GTO cuz i love v6 but who knows.

  • Damn, unlucky mate.

    I'd pick Supra. GTOs look like hell to work on! Whatever you get be sure to take it to Bishopscourt sometime and give me a shout :)

  • ok Decided to break the car, gonna be doing it over the next few weeks so if any1 is interested in anything gimme a PM or email me on can put up pics n whatnot of anything people wanna see.

    Still looking for some1 to take the whole car, scrapage allowance any1? :)


  • Gutted for you….. a shame to see any MX visit the big scrap yard in the sky!

    Wish you were in mainland GB, I'd prob have it off you.

    If you do break it though, and you still have them, I wouldn't mind the Pheno's and TB.

    I was looking at GTO's before. They look very nice and quite modern given their age. Some one local to me has one so I asked to have a look round it before I considered getting one, as Marc said they look a bitch to work on, and the boot looks tiny compared to the MX. Still decent cars.

    The main thing that put me off was most around are auto's with semi shifting, or MIVEC (think that's what they call it??) 4 speed too. Very hard and rare to find a manual, and most of those were 1.8 I4 not the lurvley V6! I'm not a fan of auto's due to fuel consumption and boredom :lol:

    A good thing to note though, you can prob get the 2.5 V6 twin turbo from the Galant in there without too much fuss :twisted: Now there's a car! A bit bigger saloon but I bet it goes like stink!

  • Supra every time.
    GTO is a pile of s***t comparatively. Fast though.


  • @f82cf1ee9e=Rod:

    Supra every time.
    GTO is a pile of s***t comparatively. Fast though.

    Yes there is that too :lol:

    mmmm skyline drool drool :twisted: One of those every time if I could.

  • Sorry to hear about your mx.
    Are you going to open a For sale topic? Cuz I am interested in some parts (and pics ofcourse).

  • Dont really know how a for sale thread would work, but feel free to PM me for pictures or details on anything you need.

  • totally forgot, I have the now unbuyable SRD Battery Tie bar and the also unavailable (i think) Speedhut HVAC Indigo panel from the group buy years ago.

  • Greenstuff pads Sold (Pending Payment)

    Will be putting pictures up of everything i can get to today so if u wanna see anything PM, Email or txt me on 07595836236

  • I'm interested in the 3rd brakelight.
    And whould like to see some pics of the car… ;)

  • Ok, serious photo spam inc.


    Ok theres a picture of some of the more wanted items.

    Just a note:- my Altezza rear lights are not a cheap set of ebay nastys, as u can see even after a few years of use theyre still mint and have NO condensation inside them.

  • how much for the battery tie down?? does it come with the treaded bar too??

  • PM me an offer mate

  • bump, still plenty for sale.

  • Been rooting through my garage this evening and pulled out my turbo swap parts. So have a corksport Intercooler for a MX-3 V6 Turbo project.

    The intercooler is the one seen in the kit Here

    Also have a Mitsubishi TD04H Turbo freshly refurbished by AET Turbos in england, this turbo has never been fitted to a car and comes with the branded oil return pipe.

    Both for sale now if interested. Pics on request.

  • how much for intercooler ?

  • make us a decent offer an ill prolly say yes :>


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